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Big Legendaries and Tiny Grails

Yesterday was a good mailday~ I couldn't wait for these guys to get here.
Here's all my march gets together c: check out the cut below to get a closer look and some info~ (warning: Image Heavy)

I won this beautiful Advance Gen Lugai on Y!J. He was kind of a spur of the moment buy but after a bit of a bidding war I got pretty ditermined to win it and I am definitely not disappointed!
First of all he's HUGE probably abour 18" or so. Threw my 3DSXL in for size but I never find objects  do a good job portraying size. He's really well made and probably one of the nices Lugia plushies out there.

I'm really loving the large Tomy plushies so when I saw this guy I couldn't pass him up. Has my eye on him for a while but when one popped up for cheap on Y!J I jumped on it. Again, super well made and really big about 12" tall but he's longer than he is tall (16") which makes him a bit harder to display but I'm really a sucker for big plushies xD

Ok, now this Goomy has got to be the best Goomy plush out there. I dunno what he's stuffed with but whatever it is makes it feel like a real Goomy save for the slime xD it's just soooooo squishy like I can't even describe the squish factor here. They need to stuff more plushies with this stuff. I didn't snap a picture of his tag but it's really cute~

Now if you've seen my posts before you probably know I have an unhealthy obsession with Eevee so they next few items are all vees.

*plays Legend of Zelda item get music* The '06 Canvad Eevee!
I'm so happy I won this :'D This was one of those things I never thought I'd end up getting because of how expensive it is but Y!J did it again and I got him for about $40 ^-^ He's so tiny tho o3o but that just makes him that much cuter.

These guys I got together. The 2008 Eevee Pokedoll and the sitting Kyun figure. I bought the pokedoll and the seller threw in the figure for free ^-^ it was very nice of them.

Now the Next Eevee is sort of a weird one but it's probably one of the biggest Eevees out there.
He's actually a tissue box holder. He's made of a similar material to the Eevee with berry plush and has a really soft mane and tail tip. It was available at the pokemon centers in japan.

The embroidery for his paw pads and eyes is really nice. It's actually a very beautiful plush.

He kinda reminds be of the cat bus...

I know the recent mod post said no 'selfies' but this one is purely for size reference! I even cropped mah face out of the second one xD but yea as you can see he's super big and so huggable c: even tho he's got the hollow pouch for a tissue box he's still fully stuffed.

Last Eevee item is actually something my roommate got me locally. I rarely ever find much in the way of merch in my town aside from cards so when I do I get really excited xD
It's an awesome Eeveelution belt!

I love Tomy figures and even though my plush collection is my main focus wen I see Tomy figs I don't have around town I immediately buy them xD So happy to have found Lapres and Darkrai. I have so many Pikachus now tho @u@

And lastly cards! :D A pokebox Tarot card I bought from tyltails (i can't tag users for some reason ;3;) and two secret rares I pulled recently.
I couldn't pass up the Tarot card cause it had Latios on it xD
As for the cards my main goal here is to collect at least one of every pokemon which I am very close to achieving :D in my pulls I sometimes get the odd secret rare. I now have 5 secret rares c: but 3 of them are items which doesn't excite me as much as my Shiny Zoroark and Eggsecute.

Also mega Kangaskhan pin because it's adorbz ( o u o)/

That's all c:

I Really need to do another full collection shot since my collection has really expanded in the last few months >w>
Thanks for reading :D
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