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Winner time~!

Edit because I'm dumb again
If you won something, PM me your address and whatcha won
( ・ω・)

Okay wow! Over 2000 entries? You guys are amazing! I just can't wait to hold another one of these!!

But I know what you guys want the most, to see if you've won! To make things easy, I'm inserting the user name of the winners, so don'tcha worry about digging through all those entries!

The winner to the gold eevee coin is...
dezi_kitsune! Congrats! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ By the way, did you ever receive the chopstick rest?

The winner for the umbreon coin is...
kurukimi Congrats! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The winner for the espeon coin is...
lotad Congrats! (❛ัॢᵕ❛ั ॢ)✩*ೃ.⋆

And, last but not least!

The winner to the bronze eevee coin is...
buymysnakeoil!!! Congrats! ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Alright, that was the easy part! Now, time for those cards!

Ace Pink (Luvdisk) spritzzie!
Ace Black! (Luxray) aki199257!
Ace Green! (Torterra) samo22!
Ace Gold! (Shiny Magikarp) peppermmints!

Red Joker! (Zoroark) pepperzark!
Silver Joker! (Zorua) latias_latios_7!

Black Playing Card 10! Frillish coiffwaff!
Pink Playing Card 10! Nidoran hanteninuyasha!
Green Playing Card 10! Illumise/Volbeat princess_snivy!
Gold Playing Card! Lunatone/Solrock lotad!

Pink Playing Card 9! Arcanine! cottonbell!
Black Playing Card 9! Charizard! agui_chan!
Gold Playing Card 9! Haxorus! bulba63!
Green Playing Card 9! Flygon! o_0digitizdx_x!

Black Playing Card 8! Giratina! chronidu!
Pink Playing Card 8! Minnacino! elianti!
Green Playing Card 8! Cacturne! latias_latios_7!
Gold Playing Card 8! Ninetales! princessharumi!

Black Playing Card 7! Lapras! glitterzookas
Pink Playing Card 7! Hoppip! tekiraboshi
Green Playing Card 7! Celebi! sirieht
Gold Playing Card 7! Dragonite! leapheeon

Gold Playing Card 6! Braixen! meeka_meerkat
Green Playing Card 6! Bellossom! (Turned out to be lillagent I think) vincent_asm
Black Playing Card 6! Delcatty! pupstergirl

Gold Playing Card 5! Victini! miss_minccino
Green Playing Card 5! Sky Forme Shaymin! puckyducky
Pink Playing Card 5! Mew! bulbalaur
Black Playing Card 5! Riolu! animecatmew

Gold Playing Card 4! Rotom! kidgengar
Green Playing Card 4! Shiftry! latias_latios_7
Pink Playing Card 4! Jigglypuff! tehseto
Black Playing Card 4! Chandelure! icyshadowblades

Gold Playing Card 3! Ampharos! moonpuru
Green Playing Card 3! Bulbasaur! viaticvenusaur
Pink Playing Card 3! Chansey! agentcalifornia
Black Playing Card 3! Honchkrow! wobbuwhit

Black Playing Card 2! Mismagius! fullmetalkitten
Pink Playing Card 2! Milotic! ladysheik
Gold Playing Card 2! Latias! tsutarjafan_18

King Flareon Card! lone_enigma
King Rosarade Card! opalgaze
King Pikachu Card! ku_bek
King Empoleon Card! pegasus2010

Queen Cresselia Card! godudette
Queen Serperior Card! hazel_song
Queen Lopunny Card! toxiee
Queen Gothitelle Card! kidgengar

Jack Terrakion! bulba63
Jack Virizion Card! risha_moon
Jack Keldeo! kurukimi
Jack Cobalion! arceuscopy

Whew! Now to the Tarot Cards!

The Fool! thepapayafruit
The World! ninetails
The Magician! loveespeon
The High Priestess! nadoki65
The Empress! jagged_steel
The Emperor! innerlines
The Heirophant! agui_chan
The Lovers! jadekitty777
The Chariot! 0fabliau
The Hermit! pumpkaboo_patch
Wheel Of Fortune! coiffwaff
Justice! buymysnakeoil
The Hanged Man! ampharos123
Death! yumifun
Temperance! thepapayafruit
The Devil! bluekobli
The Tower! furioustreecko
The Star! aki199257
The Moon! absol
The Sun! cottonbell
Judgement! harkthorn


Eevee pin! splash
Espeon pin! chaobu and akeyma
Umbreon pin! faleepai
Sylveon pin! chaos_21
Vaporeon pin! eeveefruit
Jolteon Pin! sennrai
Leafeon Pin! xhero_24

Suggestions for future giveaways are always welcome!

Okay its complete now
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