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Collection Post!

This will be my first real organized Collection post 8D! I've shown little bits and pieces but I finally took a few photos tonight xD 

Alright so, I'm almost finished moving in here in sanfran, and between homework and commissions, I managed to put together a mahoooooooosive 6 foot shelf to put my stuff on. While only a couple shelves are being used for my collection.... let's see what's inside c8


Plush if you can't tell are by far my favorite ones to collect.

The top shelf is a serious mash up in here, and it's hard to find /all/ the plush in there, along with the several non poke's that have sneaked inside.  Larvitar being in the middle as my number #1 among the shelved plush, I'm still trying to get more though as.... don't ask why I just feel a need for a Larvi Army.

And why yes... I do liek mudkipz... they will too become an army |D

Yes the Buizel is holding the Magicarp Plush. No they won't dance for you >8c

Now this shelf is still a little Barren, and I'm tempted to move my Makeshift Zukan's down to it.  I'm still unpacking a bit so there will be more later but for now this is what I have, the majority coming from this community <3 You guy's have seriously helped me re-build my collection since losing it ages ago like you guys don't even know ;u; Thus far it's mostly kids, as that's mainly what I collected before on top of Tommy's and some of the larger US figures. For now I'm not looking back into collecting tommys.... there's no way I'd be able to replace the collection I had several years prior xD;;

I'll spare you guys the Narutarded/Sound Village side unless you really want to see it |D;

Finally, THOSE TOO GLORIOUS FOR THE SHELF or that there wasn't room for |D Yes this right here is Totodile's Vacationing spot, and where all Totodile plush will be going when not on my bed. Unfortunately there's just no escaping my Narutardism in this photo 8c If you haven't been able to tell yet... Kabuto, Kimimaro, and Kisame are the 3 things that keep me still attached to Naruto even after what it's become |D;
You can even see what's left of my now Torn appart Tobi cosplay from almost 2 years ago now xD;

So I suppose that's it for now. As I said there's still a few more things... like My mass of Pokeballs.... don't ask I just really like Pokeballs |D; as well as still packaged figures and more. Also expect a New sales post from me soon, as I WILL be weeding out my collection, along with a bunch of Plush not pictured, I'll probably be selling the DX Blastoise as it was an impulse buy... and he's just holding that spot until my DX Venusaur get's here <3

I'm a horribly impulsive buyer so... I tend to need to weed out often 8c

Also, I'll probably be selling the Jolteon pokedoll, but, I figure I'll ask this even though I know it would never happen xD
Is there anyone at all who'd be willing to trade the Vaporeon Pokedoll for it 8D? A stupid question with an obvious answer but it doesn't hurt to ask I figure. If not expect him to be on sale/up for auction when my SMJ pokedoll/plush package comes.

A final NOTE: Is anyone selling Nidoran Male and Female kids D8? I have a horrible love for the Nido's and their the only kids I'm missing of their evolutions ;u; I know there's one Nidoran Male for sale on the community, but sadly International shipping is a real ballbuster especially with America's current economy 8c
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