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Questions about plush!

i am sorry if this has been asked a 100 times or if i am missing a link somewhere but i wanted to ask just incase i just missed it so i could be pointed in the right direction. i hope this is okay!

i wanted to ask some questions about pokemon plush. i am very new at this so please excuse me if i say anything stupid. i just want to be sure i am smart about purchases before i slam 50$ or more on something. i see lots of brand names tossed around for various plush from play by play, banpresto, UFO ( is this a brand? ), takaratomy and the official plush from the pokemon center.

i wanted to ask if there is some sort of list or guide that has an example of each kind/brand? or a list of all the different kinds of brands that sell official merch? so i ( and others) know what to look for? also what to avoid. ive seen the " how to tell if a plush is a bootleg" but i mean more like " this is what a Tomy plush normally looks like, look for these key features etc" like i noticed from the two takaratomy plush i have tend to be a really rough fabric not a soft minky. is this common with all Tomy plush?

id like to know things by brand so i know what to look for! to help this journal not be so boring here is a new get who just arrived today!

charizard Banpresto ! never heard of this company before so i took a stab at it cause hes just so darn cute! i am glad i did cause he is very well made! love all the little details, from his little feet pads to his little embroidered smile! was also happy to see he is very soft minky.IMG_3895

hope this make sense! just looking for a guide so i know what to look for in future purchases! i wanna find good companies for all sorts of merch! thank you for anyone who read this and didnt roll there eyes! i am trying to learn!
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