kellyln23 (kellyln23) wrote in pkmncollectors,

introduction post!

hello everyone :)

well I wanted to introduce myself, because I still hadn't posted an introduction post. I've been a member since, I think, in the beginning of February. I never really took the time to post anything, like my collection or anything because I'm just too lazy. I liked Pokémon since I was like 5 years old, but never really bought something of it, because Pokémon things like cute plushes and stuff are pretty hard to get here where I live. :( I recently got into collecting Pokedolls because they're just too cute and too soft! I can't stop looking at my pokedolls and sometimes touch them hehe ^.^ My collection isn't really big, yet. :3 But I hope it will grow in a really big collection one day! Before collecting pokedolls I started a small TCG (black star) promos. Anyways, I also hope to get to know a lot of people from this great community and of course buy a lot of Pokédolls. And maybe, somewhere in the future sell some :)

Thank you all for reading hehe, have a great day <3
Tags: introductions
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