Senrai (sennrai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets Post! :D

School's been keeping me pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to post much, but I've got a little break now, so I thought I'd make a quick little post about a bunch of the fun stuff I've been getting :D


Click below to see larger images:

I wasn't really sure about the Absol Zukan figure at a lot of images, he seems to have weirdly chubby cheeks. But I saw him for an outstanding price and decided to just go for it (having a literal zukan-sized hole in my collection that sorely needed filling). He looks so much better in person <3

The Goodnight Friends figures are just fantastic. Suuuper cute and well made. Bit bigger than I expected as well. I ended up getting a full set, but will be leaving the rest of the figures sealed and probably selling them off at a later date.

Kinda disappointed with the pokepuff Espurr strap. I thought the Espurr charm would be made of cheap metal, but he's made of cheap plastic instead. Kinda disappointing, but a cool little thing nonetheless.

I'm soooo happy to have gotten a PokeBox Umbreon coin. I didn't learn about them until it was almost too late to get them. They are so incredibly well-made and you can tell so much care and detail has gone into their design. I hope PokeBox starts pumping these out for all the Pokemon I like X3

And finally I was able to secure the wonderful Lucario and Zoroark pressed pennies that I've been chasing for some time now! These things are pretty annoying to come by! I ended up buying a stupidly large lot and now have more pennies than I know what to do with...

Like....look at this....they're really pretty, but what am I actually supposed to do with all these? XD

Also, feel free to check out my wants list if you wanna trade :D
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