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My Collection! First full update! o7o

Well, a week later and now I actually get around to a full collection update, haha. Thanks to everyone who gave me packing advice though on my last post! Oh and pocketmonstrmeg I was packing more the day I got your letter and forgot to take a picture of it before packing it, totally would include it otherwise!

This is my first real update since I have joined the site! I went from maybe having 6-7 plush and random things from my childhood to what I can proudly call a collection. I'm moving soon and everything is now packed up but time to show off what it looks like out and organized! I can't thank this awesome community enough for everything!

I actually did have something arrive JUST as I was putting this post together! My Pumpkin collection is boxed away, but here's the lovely ghost type tin from kitzune! I'm really glad I saw it by chance, apparently distribution was terrible - it has Pumpkaboo on one side and Gourgeist on the other with more ghosties. And the note is so cute, thank you!


Okay momentary get aside, time to get onto the collection update! And sorry for the occassional blurry photo - my autofocus doesn't work well.

Before we jump in, here's the shot I took of my very small amount of plush when I was asking to join the community late November, Grampychu not included.


I adored Pokemon my whole life, but as a kid we couldn't afford a lot and plushes were never really available. But that's all changed now thanks to Pkmncollectors! I've learned and gained so much!

Now since I was new to having a plush collection it was all kinda scattered around my room for a while. So I stripped my shelves and went to reorganize. Here's pics of all of the plush together!



So many! And I also have massive amounts of Kids figures - I never figures I'd get into figures when I joined, but the adorable poses, cute stylized forms, and overall cheapness of Bandai Kids have captured my heart and soul. Now where to put them?

(And of course immedietly after I sorted everything I got even more figures in from jaydee93 and talarus hahah, not even trying to get those out until I've moved. too many kids ahhh)

And now here's my lovely organized shelves!


This shelf initially contained my first few Kids form Jaydee and my childhood Tomy figures that I'm going to get rid of. So did my Kids fit??? ...No they didn't. DX I intended to sort by size but I think when I put out my collection again I'll do it by color, a rainbow of figures sounds lovely!


My Pumpkin shelf! Last significant item I need really is the Pumpkaboo LED, lots of little stuff like the Korean eraser figure and the metal figures are still out of my grasp. I didn't get everything Spooky Party, just the significant stuff. But I'm very proud of all of them!

And on the side is my first ever custom, Derpette "Captain" Clefairy! Made by luckymissclover, she had made some plush for children and asked if anyone wanted one and I pounced on Clefairy as it was so derpy and cute and huge and dang affordable! It was a fun process talking with her over the month of her being made and when she arrived she was so fluffy ahhh! Originally I just called her Derpette but after using her to put my steampunk goggles on they just fit her so well and she became Captain Clefairy. Look out for when she opens commissions, you won't regret it! <3


My shelves above my computer which contain most of my collection! Mostly it's just things I like rather than a focused collection like my pumpkins - they're pretty easy to collect for since they're so new. You can easily see an emerging collection for Clefairy/Cleffa - so much Gen I/II merch! - and I'm trying to build ones for Banette, Mawile, and Chatot slowly. I've also found that side collections for Sceptile and Audino are steadily building, especially Pinkmon #2. :'D

Up top I shoved my Tomys I've decided to keep for now, little random guys, and remaining Kid figures. I've gotten so many items from you guys here! When I first joined I kept a detailed list on what I got from who, but it's too much to state these days. Just thanks to all!


Assorted clearfiles and a pencilboard, I need to get a binder for these sometime. Clearfiles are just so gorgeous with the right artwork! I can easily see in the future me gathering a lot of these. *u*


My corkboard behind my computer where I'm storing charms and lovely notes! I've recieved more notes since I took these photos, they'll definetly be there next update. <3


My other bookshelf houses my tins, my pouch I use for holding the tags of my plush (removable tags are amazing), and the Audinos that arrived recently and had no space on the previous bookshelf hahah. The tins are great for storing things!


This cardboard box is filled with random stickers and nicknacks that I don't know what to do with right now. Gotta come up with a plan for these flats sometime! Especially since they're the majority of my Banette collection, sob.

The last thing to show is cards! I collect the TCG, well started again in December. I still had a lot of cards from my childhood, mostly handed down Gen I cards and some random Gen II and III cards from packs I rarely bought. It's been an absolute joy going back into these. I love the shimmer and shine of holos, the complexity of today's EX cards, and the art is always great! Favorite artists of mine are probably kawayoo and TOKIYA from casual glancing. And while new cards are pretty nice I actually find myself loving more and more the old holofoils from Gen I/II, so much more shimmery.

I won't show my whole collection, just my special card pages really. I do need to say that I've bought many cards from the lovely people in this community as I hunt for prices better than TrollandToad hahah! The best of all was when I bought bulk cards from bobsama195 - holy guacamole so many cards I didn't have! I missed so many generations of cards and this helped fill the gaps. And so many Gen IV Lv. X cards, I love the silver borders!

Now for my special pages, so many shiny cards! I pulled all the EX cards but the Darkrai and Articuno, and with the Lv. X and ex I only pulled Salamence and Gengar. Bobsama is the best! growly provided the Ancient Mew and shiny Gyarados. <3


I tried to think of a favorite card from my binders, and for some reason I adore my Venusaur cards. The Erika's Venusaur is very beat up but I've had it since my childhood. How did little American me get that card, seriously? But the others are from different people each on the comm, and I think my favorite is the promo Venusaur, it is just so mint and gorgeous!

And well that's it! I'm still clearly a bit of a new collector - while my Pumpkin collection is pretty decent and Clefairy/Cleffa are growing I'm sad with myself over the state of Mawile, Banette, and Chatot - I have more Audino than those three combined. But I have a decent bit going.

To anyone new, you can get pretty far in a few months! Spending is cut down with me due to family situations but I'll keep growing~ Thanks everyone for looking and for being an awesome community!

While I am cutting down spending, I do have a single want I wanted to ask about and see if I get any responses.

I'm pretty much out of room in my 4" binder, so I'm looking for this one of any similar Pokemon binders!

(Image from Google.) This binder is for nostalgia sake, I have one but it's heavily damaged and the rings are broken. I'm looking for one with still working rings to hold my card pages, I'm okay with some damage if those work. If you have other Pokemon binders or know of others that are similar (rings, not already full of attached pages, and about a 2" binder or larger, nothing smaller) please feel free to show me!

To make this post a little fun for everyone, I'm curious if anyone over time on here have changed what Pokemon they were collecting? When I joined I wanted to make Sandshrew and Articuno side collections but I've decided to put those off for a while. And Audino seriously was an accident. :'D I did start to build up a small Reshiram amount of things but I'm thinking I should just let go of the little things and focus on larger ones I like. How has everyone else's collecting changed?
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