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Collection update

After months of adding and adding to my collection, waiting for certain things and getting a new display shelf, I finally got around to doing that collection update I kept dreaming about.


Last time I checked, all my things were cramped onto my teensy computer desk and had to share space with other anime/video game figurines and collectibles. This was FINALLY solved with a huge shelf from wal-mart. It took a month to put together (me and my boyfriend are the laziest people ever), but it was so worth it. My collection has room to grow now ;o;

Most of my collection on the new shelf. I'm really bad at telling everybody that I bought things from that I got them, so I apologize. So far I've received everything from everybody I've ever bought from :) I usually wont say anything unless there /was/ or /is/ a problem. I can't remember everybody I've bought from recently.... kiraras_lemon, trainer_irene, pacificpikachu, happyjolteon, pheonixxfoxx, denkimouse (to name a few) But I want to thank all of you! ♥ ♥

For awhile I was trying to collect just water zukan, but my other fav pokemon has to be grass type so I've got quite the grass collection goin on. Of course my fav part of this is my GRAIL! Vileplume and evos. It was around $40 bucks on ebay but mint in package! I <3 it so much.

Closer look at the guys behind my grass army. I can't wait for the Rotom zukan to come out! I wonder if it will be like burmy and have different capsules with each forme, or have them all in one. Guess we'll just find out ;)

My bugs, 10th anniversary zukans and first misc group. My bugs are probably the second biggest of my zukan armys. I don't know why, but I just love bug types too. Not pictured are the Beedrill and Paras line. Lol, my Leafeon/Glaceon zukan got cut out by accident. Imagine that its there right infront of Venomoth.

8D I love these. Here are my other two grails, TFG Misty and Staryu/Starmie zukan! She's pretty much to scale with all these so it makes me really happy and giddy inside. I can't wait till they release Erika and Sabrina! ( they have to atleast, right?? RIGHT?? ) Then they need to do Johto gym leaders~~ I have a ton of wants for my water army.

Here's the rest of my zukan. These are the ones that don't really have any other place to go. I don't really like Dialga, but my boyfriend thinks Dialga is the coolest one from that set aside from Leafeon/Glaceon. Meh...

This is the retard shelf of stuff that I would sell if I had a way to. Someday, when we get that that car...

And this is the worst impulse buy I've ever had. I don't know WHY but when I saw all 5 boxes at Mitsuwa I knew I had to get them all and put it together. After putting it together I realized how much of a waste it was. Atleast the stickers were fun. D:

Why is Tangela the only pokemon with lipstick? ;-; BTW, the bottom black thing was misisng, but luckily for us otaku, we had a few spares from dead wallscrolls and were able to fix it up right away. It's so pretty.

A closer look at my grails. Lots of sticky tac was used in these. Infact, staryu's peg was broke when I got it, and somehow its still floating just by sticky tac. HIGHLY RECOMENDED! Half of my zukan stay in place because of that glorious stuff D: And thanks again to kiraras_lemon for throwing in the corsola with my Staryu/Starmie! It feels very at home :3

And last but not least, pokemon manga my boyfriend had that I stole from him. A little TMI, but I put it in the bathroom for reading material :D (I'm sorry to say though, I got bored of them and now I've been reading Scary Stories to tell in the dark 1, 2 and 3. It was an amazing find at the bookstore. Ah, memories of being young again.)

Whew, that was alot. Thankfully this is the only comm I'm in that shares collections. Otherwise I'd be taking pictures of EVERYYYTHING. I fear for when I have children and they want to play with my things and I end up tieing them up. =|

Lastly, some things I'm looking for!

- Articuno zukan
It's not for me, but for my boyfriend. Awhile ago I told him somebody had one for sale and he was like "You should have got it for meeeeee~~~"
He really wants one but everytime I see one for sale it gets snatched up right away. Curse you ice chicken! DX I want to try to get one for him by christmas time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Any water zukan not shown.
I keep seeing Wiscash and junk but I'm trying to put that off. I really need Lapras or Horsea line..

Well, thanks for looking! <3 This took forever and a day to type up xD; I probably made half of you fall asleep looking at this crap. Haha.
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