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this post is multi purpose.

So i've been here for a while and I haven't posted my collection.
For those of you who have paid attention i collect mews and what not. I basically have a tiny collection but i like it none the less.
I'm not big on figures that's why i only have a few. I love collecting cards. Don't know why but i do.

My Figures:

My cards:

My FMA collection Just because XD

(My wanted list)
[you have to right click the picture and select view image. My journal cuts off the pic.]

Also for those of you who are interested please bid on this group auction. WE have enough but i don't want everyone's shipping to be outrageous. Just a few dollars helps a lot. So if you like Mew or Mewtwo there's some pretty nice rare cards.

[Auction is here.]
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