chelsia :D (truepromises) wrote in pkmncollectors,
chelsia :D


Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for posting twice in a day, but this is pretty URGENT.
So I got home today and found this in my mailbox.

There was also a little note thanking me for the purchase (which I never made lol ><) written on Shaymin sky forme paper too!

But I didn't order this pokekid at all! Neither do I recognise the seller's name at the back of the envelope, which reads K. Courtney, xxxxxx UK. I don't roughly remember all the names from whom i've purchased from so far and none of them match this.

I think this was sent to me by mistake >< If you know who this person is or if you're this person please let me know by leaving a comment. I can help send the package back to who it was originally intended for. :)

EDIT: Finally found out what happened. Thanks to those who helped! :)

Tags: info
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