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Holo/Promo Card Sales + Lowered Prices~

Hello everyone~! :D
I look at every post here, but I have been inactive for quite some time. *been a member since July*

I noticed I have too many cards, and decided to weed out my collection a bit. Also to make room for upcoming sets. <3 So here is a small sales post for those who might be interested in some rare or odd-looking cards. ;D


Firstly, haggling is welcome. :> Most of these are in near-mint or mint condition. I handle my cards very carefully, though some of them did originate from ebay.

This is an old promo from 1997. I don't have much info on it, other than the fact that it's supposedly called a Cardass promo. It's in excellent condition (there are a few tiny marks due to age). Asking $9.00.

Omastar vs. Mewtwo, from a series called Topsun (1997/1998). Mint condition (pulled from booster to sleeve). Asking $2.00.

Blastoise promo from my Pokemon Best Collection CD (1999). Near-mint condition. Asking $3.00.

Shiny Drifloon (1st ed.) from the Giratina/Shaymin set. Near-mint condition. Asking $13.00.

Lucario promo from the 10th movie set. Mint condition. Asking $3.00

Regirock Players promo. Mint condition. Asking $9.00

Steelix Fanclub promo. Mint condition (pulled from the sealed magazine insert). Asking $4.00.

Zapdos Players promo. Mint condition. Asking $10.00.

Sharpedo from the Aqua/Magma set. Mint condition. Asking $2.00.

Vileplume from Erika's deck (no rarity symbol). Mint condition. Asking $2.00

Shipping Info
I can ship two cards in a standard envelope (with toploader) for free, though this may not be the safest method.
For more than two cards (or if you prefer a padded envelope), shipping is a flat rate of $2.00 to anywhere.

If you plan on buying something from my store, I can combine shipping. For 3D items like keychains or figures, I might have to add minor costs because of weight. Please mention if you do choose to combine shipping.

Paypal only. I accept both e-checks and instant payments. For e-checks, I will wait until they clear before shipping. I'm pretty lax on payment times, but it would be best if it doesn't take a week or longer.
I've lowered prices on everything in my store.
Most items are $1.00 or less, with Amada stickers and menkos at $2.00 for 10. I've also added many freebies.
Click the Drifloon to enter. :>
Tags: articuno, cards, drifloon, regirock, sales, steelix, zapdos
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