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A little month of gets + Dark/Ghost plushies + Tretta for sale

First I have a question: Is it true that Lifesize Goomy plush will be restock ? Because I missed it and I would be a bit sad to not own this big baby :s

This month I mainly received plushies, Banpresto plushies even.

I finally found a DX Mew at a good price. I thought he was bigger though. Anyway, he is really cute <3 Besides I've recently won Mewtwo from the same series *excited*
The rest are DP series. Cherubi is quite huge :O But I think that my favorite are Spiritomb and Nosepass :3
I also received two Shiny (Mega) Metagross cards but I forgot them when I took the photo > < So here is the link to see them:

Articuno !!! <3 OMG! It is so awesome! And the best is that it is in perfect condition although it was released in 1999. In addition, a detail I was not aware of, its wings are movable (there is a kind of metal strand). So now I just need to find the other two ^^
Then a really cute Shieldon :3, the nice Kanto MPC set, and some Pokémon Time straps including a rare Charmander for which I got a little bid war haha
And finally the beautiful Japanese ORAS figurines + Kyogre underlay (however there is a small problem: I was supposed to receive Groudon as well...)

On the right you can see two Shiny Gengars and Charmander Tretta. They were part of a lot so you can find all the others on my sales o/
Then plushies again ^^
Pikachu Camp or Indiana Jones lol It was not sold at a Pokémon Center but in the amusement park of Nagashima Spa Land.
Resolute form Keldeo PC. I had bought the Regular form at its release date but I never was really fond of it. Whereas I love this one <3 (maybe because of the full mane or the blue horn ^^)
Pokémon Type Pancham cushion. He just miss a hat to look like a cowboy haha
And Huge Pumpkaboo. The fabric is less soft than the Super DX and the appearance is less padded, I would say perhaps more realistic like dead leaves in fall.
Also you'll see the size difference on the Type photo o/

Ghost/Dark family picture!
(yes Mawile is neither of them, but for me it is Dark, okay ? ^^)
So you can see the size difference between the Pumpkaboo I received (the largest) and the Super DX (on top left).

Thank you for reading :3

You can see more pictures at my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And take a look at my sales o/
(As I mentioned in my previous post, French shipping rates have increased. But as the Tretta can be sent by letter like cards, folders, towels,... they are not concerned and still have decent shipping prices)
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