jaydee93 (jaydee93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store Closing Indefinitely

Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to pop in and give a little update to everybody. I have been selling Kids figures here on the community since December, and it's been great fun! I've loved selling to all of you and I don't ever want to stop. Unfortunately, I am going to have to shut down the store at the moment due to a larger life project that needs my immediate attention. As such, I will be closing down the store indefinitely so that I do not negatively affect any members with long waiting times. That said, I will still be accepting orders until the end of the month as regularly as I have been, and will gladly answer any questions as usual about Kids figures and collecting them!

Everybody who puts in an order by the 30th will not be affected! So get them in as early as possible.

Click the banner below to be transported. There are thousands of Kids available, so get them while you can :)

This does not mean I am going to stop providing Kids to the comm forever, in fact, if all goes well it shouldn't be too long until I can re-open shop. Just wanted to make sure everybody can get their collection additions before the hiatus!

Also, by no means am I leaving the community, as I will be constantly active as always! :D

Untill the big update,
Jaydee here,
Signing off <3
Tags: kids, sales
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