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Pokémon Cafe


I went to the Pokémon Cafe in Shibuya's Parco at the japanese's "White Day".

I took many pictures again and want to show you some special items.

Sadly yesterday was the last chance to go there.

I waited for around 2 hours to get a ticket for it.

Then I waited again for around 5 hours to get in.

The entrance with a poster of the new movie.

Before we went inside, this wild Pikachu appeared, haha.

It was sooooo cute!!

The merchandise corner.

Sleeping Pikachu.

So many cute Pokedolls.


Aww...so big plushies!! T_T

Lovely cups! (I couldn't resist to buy a couple...)

Birthday charms and cute Pikachu ears. *-*

So many cookies!

..and more cookies.

After visiting the store, I went inside the Cafe place with my best friend.

There was a place at the entrance, where you could take pictures (and I did it...I'll show it later in this post XD).

Cafe corner.

When you came alone, they sit down a Pikachu torwards you.

It was somehow empty when we went inside (good for taking pictures, ne?).

Some minutes later, the room was filled.

Pikachu was watching us...

They set down this table mat at every place, but I couldn't put my food on it, because this poster looks so good. ;_;

So I took home two of them!

So at the beginning I took this Ginger Ale!
Omg, look at how awesome it looks?!

I also took this coaster home.

Waiting for the dinner, I took more pictures.

Look at this cute corner. *-*

After waiting a little, the dinner came.

Wow...just, wow!

The Pikachu's inside consisted of a delicious burger with mashed potatoes and wrapped in egg.

Sadly because too many people came, we couldn't order more food (we wanted to order the dessert...so sad).

Buuuuut!...I bought again some stuff.

I bought these Meowstic cups.

And I added this Fennekin doll to my collection.

Also this small fluffy bag.

And a Fennekin hand towel.

Outside by the capsule stations, I got two buttons.

I got a rare shiny one. *-*

I got a female Pikachu one, but I wanted the Mudkip button so much..so I changed it with a friendly girl.

Ah...and yes...thank you for watching! ^-^

Pika Pikachu! xD

I'm on the right side, my best friend left.

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