spencer815 (spencer815) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction post! + Grail get already?!

Hey guys! This is my introduction post, thought I'd post now since it's as good a time as any :) I'm new here, I've looked around on occasion in the past but never really clicked that it would benefit my collecting like it has Already by joining. I love steel type Pokemon and love Pokemon zukan. I've already made a few purchases here and even am committed to another item or two on here, If I ever express interest in an item I am a man of my word and will follow through, but sometimes having responsibilities like rent and paying bills is priority so that goes to the forefront LOL, but so far everyone I've interacted with has been super friendly and willing to hold the item for me. Awesome news, I was just surprised by my amazing wife that she had tracked down my Grail and she had won it for me!!!! A metagross zukan :O holy crap it's 6:30 am and now I have the major piece I've wanted won for me!! Anyways sorry for the longer post, just wanted to combine my intro with me getting the zukan. image
Tags: introductions, metagross, zukan
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