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Mega Rayquaza! (plus other gets)

Hello! ORAS has been out for 4 months now, and it's still draining money from me. How does it do that? I love Hoenn too much. :(
I got an pretty mega Sunyshore package today, and I have a few other bits and pieces to show too.


I currently have this guy draped over my mirror... there's literally nowhere else he'll fit in my small dorm room.

My first thought on this plush is just how... ridiculous it is. I'd seen how they were all individually bagged on store shelves and assumed it was so the streamers didn't get tangled, and yeah, I was right. They're so ridiculous! You can see how big and gangly he is, taking up most of my single bed.

I absolutely love it though. There's a plastic infratructure running through his whole bodie which means he's super posable.

Look at that cute snooty face!

Groudon didn't seem so appreciative of hug time.

My Sunyshore package also contained some Mega Camels! Camerupt has had a sadly small amount of merch from ORAS, much less than I expected. :( This is... pretty much it. Give me a Magma & Aqua promotion with Mega Camel and Mega Shark plush!

Not sure where to put the charms though, as I want to use them rather than just having them on display. The Mega Stone clipped on pretty nicely to a bracelet I have, not sure what to put the rest on though.

Another cool thing - I bought the Groudon and Kyogre TCG pin packs for me and a friend as a gift when she visited me. This pin is so gorgeous!

The back of it is cool too, embossed with all these little PokéBalls.

Lastly, I've kind of gotten into playing the TCG again through the fiendishly addictive Online game. Picked up some decks for the first time in many many years, and wow, they'be become so nice! The boxes are gorgeous, and the decks themselves come in little deckboxes featuring the deck art.
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