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Cute Secret Swap Gifties!

Been a while since I posted any photos on this comm, huh? Well, yesterday's arrival is what I wanna talk about! I got these adorable items from raz2b, and I am seriously giddy over them! Thanks very much!


Erm, sorry for the poor lighting; used my tablet's camera, light is bad in my bedroom since I can't lift the blinds and turning on my light wouldn't work without giving everything a pinkish appearance...ahem.

First, here are the notes and cutecuteCUTE drawings seen upon opening the box...


That Zubat gave me serious giggles while the sleeping 'mons and friends filled me with warm and fuzzies! (Oh, and you are better at drawing than me :D)

Now, I am lame at identifying items, but I will mention the items featured and hopefully it's clear to you all...

First, here's an I <3 Pikachu pass case with purse, and I think that one will be what I use when I can finally declare myself no longer bedridden (long story).


This adorbs Pikachu mascot plush has an orange tag and is dated 2012. I nicknamed him Minichu. (Took him out of the plastic packaging)


Here are two items; a figure of Sylveon (her name's Ribbons, named after my Sylveon in X version). The ghost Pikachu charm appears to be from a Halloween promo, either last year or the year before? Ribbons is sitting with my Sailor Moon, Kiniro no Corda and Madeline & Genevieve figures. The ghost Pika has joined others on my keys at the moment but will soon be moving to my phone with a charm of Natsuki (UtaPuri). (Took Ribbons out of plastic)


Finally, here's something from the Pikachu and Friends with Berries collection; I think it might be a facewasher? Like I said, identifying items is my weak point ^^; and I will find a way to display it in my room to keep it safe (facewashers in my house don't do well when used thanks to my dog sneaking into the bathroom and chewing on them...). (Took out of package for photo)


Thanks so much for these adorable items, I really, really love them! Minichu will likely accompany me to the doctor's later this week to help ease my anxieties (a plush comes everywhere for that reason).
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