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sss gets!

Here I was, last-minute studying for my final in two hours, when I got an email saying I had a package at the mail center!

This was the best timing for a package I could have ever asked for!

My wishlist was so sporadic that I had no clue what to ask for, but my gifter was so amazing!
Without further ado, growlithe tore into the package before I could figure out what it was!

!!!! They're so cute! I'm not even sure what to call them (my mind instinctively went to Eevee Beans, dunno why [EDIT: I've been told they're called mochimon!]) but they're so soft, I immediately fell in love! (My roommates even got jealous! One couldn't stop petting Sylveon, and the other started taking selfies with Eevee on her head, haha!)

But that's not all!

That eevee sprite is a magnet! It's so cute and perfect <3 And those cards! I've never even seen that eevee, let alone have it! She's going in my binder as soon as I get a chance!

It's already found a spot atop my zombies, run! magnets!

And, in case you didn't read it in the image before, my gifter was none other than the wonderful fluffyfurret! Thank you so much! These two are more than I could have ever imagined to get!! <3

I'll be sending out my gift as soon as I get the last few things sorted and packaged! c:

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