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A couple new gets/Things to come

Okey so this is a super late update but i want to share some stuff i got at christmas and a project in the works that will probably thrill you all as much as it thrills me. Atleast i hope so C:

Now these couple gets are a little off the usual gets of mine. i don't really collect either but i loved them none the less. image
I know suicune is a bootleg but he's still cute to me. It was a cristmas gift from one of my closer friends. She had put him in a box of cookie cutters. I didn't realize he was in there untill she'd asked me if i'd seen what was in there other than cookie cutters. It was such a surprise cx Then if you know anything about the flygon you'd understand why i'm thrilled about finding it. It's a old Hasbro plush that is near impossible to find ligit anymore. Theres pleanty of bootlegs but finding the real deal is a little hard, and expensive. Actually theres a funny story behind it. My boyfriend and me where going through stuff in his room since he'd gotten a new entertainment center and he found a bag of pokemon plush he'd been given by a friend and didn't care a whole lot about. he dumped it all out on the bed and the little gem that was this flygon came flying out. He had no idea its value. Being the sweetheart he is he let me have it. he now sits on the top of my bookshelf with my big big charzard. I need to fix up his eyes a little but he's in an otherwise perfect condition. Sitll havn't named either so suggestions are welcome!^^

Now i've been on facebook allot latley. I get lots of ideas from the things my friends share. Now i was browsing and one of my friends shared this video. (The music could be considered inapropriate, so if you are't into that i suggest muting before visiting the link)
This just inspired me and i loved the idea of doing this and i got even more into studying the electrical workings of all nintendo handhelds for the past couple of months. Just learning how to de-shell systems i've learned how to fix broken parts, and do scertain mods to systems. I've orderd my supplies and begun brainstorming things i could make and do for all of you to enjoy. I will eventually begin to provide visual customization scervices, repairs, and mods to some handheld nintendo systems as well as accesories. What i can and can't do varies by system. But before hand i plan on doing a give away hopefully in about a month or two. I'm not giving away a whole lot of details on it but i do want you all to ring in on the selection of pokemon for the system. I want to stick to the popular classics for this one. Polling ends next monday the 23rd. Poll away^^

What Pokemon would you like to see on a custom system?
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