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A new collection + small sale update :)

Hi everyone! ^^

For those who doesn't know me, I am a pokedoll collector and my goal is to have at least one pokedoll of each pokemon that was made. My other goal is to have them in the Japanese version :) I do have some US version, but I am replacing them when I can little by little. Right now I have a total of 120 pokedolls with no doubles :D 91 are Japanese and 29 are the US version. They ALL have their hand tag still attach to them ^^

I LOVE to do comparison pictures when I can replace one of my US version for a Japanese version ;D I'll do a post about them sometime soon c:

I also collect "full size" PokeCenter plush of my most favorite Pokemon :) I do try to keep this collection small tho ^^' Pokemon Center have made a LOT of super cute plushies of pokemon that I like and I need to control myself hahaha

Lattely I've been thinking and I made the decision to also collect the Petit Mascot plushies :D they are so cute!!! and so well made for their size ^^ I also love them because they did Pokemon that never got a Pokedoll ^^ like Arcanine for example!
I only have 9 at the moment, but I do plan on getting them all ^^

In other word, I try to stick with the Pokemon Center brand ;D

I really love the petit plush because of their size :) they are small and unlike the very small pokedolls, they are made of minky ^^ they also have a super cute design, and lets not talk about the art tag <3

Petit Absol
Petit Arcanine
Absol and Arcanine are my veru first Petit Macot plush :D

Petit Charmander
This Charmander is too cute for words <3

Petit Latias 1

Petit Latios

Petit Lucario
Lucario <3

Petit Oshawott

Petit Pikachu
Pikachu is my only US version. I got him when I went to NY in October of last year. At that time, I didn't know that I wanted to collect Petit Plush. I might have to get an other one of him since I like the Japanese version better c: I will hang this one on my purse ^^

Petit Skitty

Any other Petit collector here? Feel free to share your collection here and to give more info about it (how many you have, which one you are planing to get, when and why, etc.) :D

Also, am I the only one who doesn't only collect one (or more) particular Pokemon? I often see (if not, all the time haha) collections about 1, 2 or 3 pokemon, but I don't think I ever saw someone collecting a certain "brand" like me :)

To make more place for my Pokedoll collection and my newly Petit collection I have decided to sell more of my "out of place" poke plush ^^' as much as I love them, I really want to focus on Pokedolls and Petit plush :)

Thanks for reading!
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