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auction news and super sales!

Hello everyone! I bring good news to those who have participated in my group auction for a while ago... the diorama figures have finally arrived, and they'll be shipped to you all in the next few days!

That's actually just the tip of the iceberg! With these diorama figures came a slew of other delectable fruits plucked from the tree of Y!J... in a few days (or weeks ;_;) I will have another massive collection update to share with you all!

But for today, I have a wholly-revamped storefront for you. Why not come on down to...

(Warning: very image heavy!!)

It's my most massive sales post to date, featuring a ton of strange and wonderful items such as:


There's something for most everyone here, and there's nothing over $10--most are under $5! For those of you who already have pending purchases with me (and have already paid), you will not have to pay any extra shipping if you want to add to your existing orders, so take advantage and stock up!

I want to call special attention to a very unique set of items available...

They're a set of super squishy figures unlike anything I've ever come across before! Be sure to check 'em out!

Happy shopping, everyone!
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