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Long overdue re-intro post!

Hello everyone!!

It's been FOREVER since I've made any gets/collection post, like seriously maybe over a year or so??? I'm more of a lurker type, and my collection has grown so much that the thought of a whole collection post seems daunting haha. I just reorganized my collection last night and ended up sorting everything into six plastic storage bins!!! the 66 quart ones @_@ I don't have much space in my room, especially since I collect other things too, so all I can do is periodically rotate out the plush that I display on my dresser T_T

I figured that I may as well make a re-intro and at least show some pictures of my most recent gets!

Anyway, my name is Andrea. I'm 26 and I live in the Bay Area of California. I have been a collector for a few years now, and even though I don't talk much I have been very glad to be a part of this community and other groups that share my love for Pokemon collecting. I mainly focus on plush and clearfiles that I really like, though I also have a weakness for cute drinkware~

Wartortle is my all time favorite Pokemon, obviously <3 I wish they made more merchandise for him *sigh* someday I hope to get a commission for a custom Wartortle Pokedoll. But I also really love Hawlucha and Croagunk! My grail is the Croagunk wooden statue (w/ matching strap). I dunno how I keep missing this thing! I always get outbid or it comes around when I happen to forget to look or don't have any money since it can go for like $200 or so on y!j D:

uuuum... I'm bad at talking about myself so onto the gets!! xD



The 60cm Substitute is finally mine!!! I had considered it a grail once I first saw the announcement, and I thought I'd never be able to get one because of the one per household rule that the Pokecen established... but it happened!! I got one! I paid a bit more than what it's going for right now on y!j but I didn't want to lose any chance to get it so I opted for a BIN price. I think it's worth the cost, even with the killer shipping price (this thing is HEAVY!). It's so cute and fat and huggable!! Seriously, if you can afford it then get it!!

I decided to get another 30cm Substitute since they were re-releasing them anyway. You can really see how massive the 60cm is compared to the 30cm. I would've put the standard size 15cm one in there too, but my boyfriend took mine home with him and my extra one is in one of the bins in my closet somewhere xD

I also love the giant Goomy plush. I thought it would be a firm plush like all the other 1:1 plushes, but this one has a filling inside it that is REALLY squishy. It feels nice to hug, like it feels calming/therapeutic in a way. I'd also recommend this plush if you love Goomy. It's huge but it just feels so nice <3 and the Pokemon Petit Kalos starters are adorable!! I can't decide which is my favorite


Ugh I just love the Goomy campaign!!

Goomy mini glasses! I love the designs on these cups. I was thinking about getting another set since I like things in 4s xD The tumbler/thermos is adorable as well. There's a lid and an inner ring that's supposed to keep the liquid and ice from splashing your mouth/face I think! It was smaller than I thought it'd be and the inner cover is kinda hard to unscrew but it's still a nice item. I also got the mini stamp set; I couldn't resist! Finally, I decided to get the Vaporeon Pitapoke. It was an impulse buy but I love the Pitapoke line anyway so I was happy with it.

I also got the Goomy Campaign clearfile and took pictures of the front and back in case anybody wanted to see the art on both sides. I just ADORE the artwork for this campaign and I love how the artist worked in so many Pokemon for Goomy to interact with. I also feel that it kind of gives Goomy more of a fun/silly personality. My favorite images are when Goomy tries to eat Oddish's leaves and when it hangs out with Gulpin to eat senbei.



Thanks for reading! I'll try not to be so lazy and remember to post more of my collection, haha :D
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