midori8 (midori8) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lugia and mega rayquaza plush!

i got my sunyshore package today! man was i so excited to get it! i couldn't believe how fast the package got to me! shipped from Japan friday the 13th and arrived in Maryland today! okay EMS shipping you convinced me to always use you haha!

anyway here are the plush! sorry the photos arnt great i took them in the car with my phone. i might ramble a bit sorry! feel free to skim over it. i am kind of a plush snob.

first up is Lugia! this is my first lugia plush ever and i heard this was a remake but i have no reference so just writing out my thoughts on the plush.

my first thought was " this is a bit smaller then i was expecting" i was thinking it would be around the size of Yveltal but its actually much smaller. still super cute and oh so soft! kinda sits up on its own but likes to flop forward. i think the only thing i dont like about the plush is the fact that all of the dark blue areas ( the eye ridges, back fin, and tail spikes) are all really thick/cheap felt. not the nice coated felt they used on Yveltal. still! super cuddly :)

and next up is Mega Rayquaza! love love LOOOVE the details they managed to squeeze on this amazing plush! he has a lot of felt incorporated into him but it has a nice vinyl coating so it doesn't pill and fray. the green part of the fins and spikes have the coating while the very edges are the raw yellow felt.


he has lovely detailed embroidery on the top of the head and i am so glad they decided to make his mouth closed. he has a nice scowl! haha

the tendrils/whiskers are felt that have a mylar/ shimmering fabric sewn on top. it's really really cool. the tendrils end in velor stuffed pieces. the tail tendrils dont have the shimmery fabric, just plain felt.

the details on the head " eye ridges" have a sheet of plastic inside so they sit up really nice. also the red "gems" along the body are plastic beads. i really like this, creates a nice different texture. most of the details on rayquaza are sewn/ embroidered all but the area around the gems. its the vinyl/sticker stuff they tend to add to some rather detailed plush ( like the black markings on Yveltal or the "x" marking on greninja)

but my FAVORITE part about this plush is the fact they used a plastic frame inside of him and not just wire. he flexes very smoothly and holds his shape very nicely!

and i think thats it! sorry if i rambled to much, but i hope it will be useful to someone who might be on the fence about buying either plush! i really like to go into detail so sorry if it was boring!. i plan to finally post some collection pics soon but i am waiting for one more plush to arrive! until then enjoy these for now!

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