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A Reintroduction Post of Epic Porportions

Hi everyone! I'm sure Y'all have seen me around posting mostly about my custom plush work and what not ^^ Well It's been a long while since I've posted a collection post since my collection has been split between school and home. But I've finally reunited everything back under one roof so I thought here's the perfect oportunity to show y'all my happy little collection.

Before I get to into the pictures, I believe some reintroductions are in order as it's been awhile ^^
Hi I'm Vulpes! I'm a 21 year old Art student my main focus is digital media but I also love traditional drawing and other forms of art. I'm from Texas and work as a Resident Advisor on campus (an RA it's the same thing as a CA or CL or whatever else they're calling it ^^) I love sewing plushies, playing nintendo games, and collecting (My main collection is Pokemon, but I also collect Studio Ghibli, Naruto Petit Chara Land Figures, Funko Pops, and many other things!) I've loved Pokemon since I was a young child ^^ My first pokemon item was a Meowth card my brother gave me. I didn't seriously start collecting pokemon untill around 5 years ago.
But that's enough about me ^^ on to the pictures!

Welcome to my fox den! I primarly collect plush and name all of them ^^
To start things off this is my Pokedoll Corner I started with only Lugia and Noctowl ^^
This top shelf is where the legendary Pokemon live. (Well almost all of them are legendary Noctowl, Cuboneand Tyrunt just like hanging out up here) Names time!
DX Rayquaza is named PaPa, Regular Rayquaza is Clarence, Xerneas is Mononoke, MewTwo is Ramseys, Tyrunt is Balin, Noctowl is Yoru, Luhia is LuLu, Reshiram is Rush, and lil Cunone is Ace!
2nd Shelf The Kanto babes!
Names Time!
Magikarp is Karpe Diem, Bulbasaur is Pudge Pudgers, Raichu is Momo, Vaporeon is Scooner, Jolteon is Piku, Butterfree is Kitty, and Venusaur is Octavious :)
Bottom Shelf guarding my slippers is my disgruntled dark family and fire foxes
Names Time! Shadow Lugia is Ragnarok, Umbreon is Vali, Houndour is Fenrir, Fennekin is Kyuubi, annd Madoka the Dlephox!
Moving through my room the next thing you'll spy is my gaming shelf ^^ it's quite dominated by Nintendo games primarily Pokemon games!

Next to my dresser my Fennekins live!
The 1 to 1 Fennekin is named Kurama, The snowman is named Yuubi, and the tomy is named Kindle C:
This is my main collection shelf  Raich, Bulbasaur, Growlithe, and Tyrunt make up my primary collection :>
The Foxes all hang out above the primary collection shelf
Names! Robin the talking Eevee, Flopsy the DX jolteon, and Peawee the Keychain Jolteon
More Foxes! Klippy the Custom plush, Kilpspringer the Canvas, The Tomys are Springer and Kipper as are the mini Pokedolls :)
Fire Pups! The Petit Arcanine is named Lok and the rest of the Arcanines are all named Loki! Growlithe Canvas is Chibiki, and the Pokemon time is Prince :> Also a Gruslen named Vulcan because he might as well be a Growlithe he looks so similar!
And the Dark pups in the corner
More Names MIzu the sitting Vaporeon, Denz the Sitting Jolteon, Scout the Hasboro Pouchy, and Toboe the Banpresto, Chibirir the mascot houndour and Fin the custom Houndour :)

The Raichu pile! Raichu is my favorite Pokemon ^^
Names from left to right
Whinnie and Bear, Momiji,Quincy, LilChu, PackRat, Joey, Chritopher and Robin, Pancakechu, PeachyKeen, Mittens, Jolly, Peaches, and Clementine!
So many Saurs!  I picked her when I first started playing Pokemon and she's been my favorite starter ever since!
So many names! prepare yourself
From Bottom to top Left to Right
Raddish, Awa, Parsnip, Nikori, Daggers, Cabbage, Turnip, Boa,  and Zuz <3
annnnddd my pride and joys! the BIG SAURS!
Bubbles, Ceasar, Julius, Augustus, and DaneDa
yuppers I've been naming my Venusaurs after emporers ^^
Dragons! All the Rayquaza's are named Clarence! They are currently guarding my badges and Pokemon cards, I've had the cards since I was a kid. I collected all original 151 Pokemon in card form as a kid and have kept them safe ever since ^W^ I don't play the card game, but I use to love to sit and flip through my cards admiring the illustrations it was my own personal Pokedex!
Names :>
Tyrunts --- MPC is Fili, Banpresto is Kili, Tomy is Dwalin, PC is Gimli! ( I've been naming them after dwarves ^^) Cranidos is Crany, and Shieldon is Steve they've been with me for quite some time now :)
And what collection is complete without a few cuddle Pikachus? The big tall fella in the back is Ears, the laying one ontop is Pika, and the one with the green bow is Chia (she was actually the Pikachu that got me back into collecting)
Annnd to cap things off Here is my 3DS XL in all it's Pokemontimey glory!

Well that's my colletion! I do hope you enjoyed checking out my collection ^^ I can be a bit of recluse on here but I check here everyday and I love seeing everyones collections and updates! And I especially love making plushies for y'alls collections :>
Thanks Everyone!
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