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The Mystery of the Heracross twins!

Hello comm friends!
I have a very intruiging mystery I'm hoping some Hasbro fanatics/experts can help me with. :D

I purchased a Hasbro Heracross beanie after LONG last from pikabulbachu from Germany.
After it wasn't arriving for some time, I grew worried it got lost in the mail, and ANOTHER Habro Heracross popped up in shuuichi_chan 's sales so out of sheer panic I purchased hers as well. I also figured if I had two they could be brothers, since that's what I've got going on with my US and Japanese Paki Paki Heras.
So long story short the Heracross from Pikabulba arrived from Germany the other day and I noticed something strange....
First of all he FELT quite different. This could be due to many things, level of "loved"-ness, the beans falling down to the tush etc. HOWEVER, I something compelled me to check their tush tags!
THIS is where it gets interesting.

>The US one had the official Hasbro stamp and info. But it says 2000 as the latest date, and has the American address on it!

> The German one says 1999 as its date, does not have the Hasbro stamp but IS stamped with "distributed by Hasbro INTERNATIONAL".

My question then is:
Was the Hasbro Heracross made in two ALMOST identical versions, one for EU and international buyers and one for the US?

I find this just facinating as I assumed I was going to "end up" with two identical Heras! :O


Also, I have a few small sales!

Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 48 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-Minimum of $3 purchase. - $4 international for this sales plug.
-Shipping starts at $3.90 for domestic purchases - even for flats, as I will include tracking (and for flats toploaders / sleeves)
-Shipping for International purchases starts at $7.50 - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, more if I have time.
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!

First a bunch of these code inserts from booster packs.
**All codes UNUSED**

0.25 and 0.50 cents only!


Sealed Entei, Ho-oh and Magmortar 2010 Banpresto figures:




Sales items! :)
Code cards:
Megas, Humans and Cosplay Pikas: 0.50 cents
Everyone else: 0.25


GONE: 1x Psychic Twins, 2x Lissia, 1x Steven & Metagross, Steven , 1x Norman

GONE: 2 x Pikachu Cosplay group picture.


Gone: 1x M Metagross, primal Kyogre, Mega Swampert, 1x Swampert, Mega Lopunny

Sealed 2010 Banpresto figures

Entei $5


Ho-oh $5

Magmortar $3

Tags: entei, heracross, ho-oh, magmortar, pikachu

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