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Group Auction plush are in!

I came home sick today - stopped to check the mail on the way home. Two packages! What a pick-me-up <3

truepromises, thanks for the figures, and I love the drawing to death <3 Thanks so much!

I'm going to repeat myself, that's officially the cutest Oddish plush I've ever seen. Also, Swampert's stubby body makes me ridiculously happy.

Latias, Tentacool, Turtwig- zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - resilientspider
Oddish - chrissii

kiohl! I totally forgot you were waiting on Groudon when you bought Chikorita a few days ago, so as soon as I find out how much shipping for the two of them together is, I'll refund the difference ^^

All of them arrived in good to mint condition. :D Although Umbreon is in loved condition. Between this and my sales I have a lot of packaging to do before Friday, but I'll do my best to get them all out. If I can't, they'll be out next Friday for sure.

Also, so sorry for the two posts in one day thing ._.; I didn't realize this was coming - I can get rid of my earlier post if it's a problem.
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