Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

another mini update - new arrivals!

I know you guys are probably sick of me, this is my 2nd update this month XD but two new packages arrived today so I thought I'd show you guys what I got while letting the sellers know that their items arrived :)

Firstly, items from miss_fuu_chan  (who's epic kids sales post I cannot wait for btw!)

Roselia, Gloom and Roserade kids! I already have one Roselia kid but this one is different so I had to get it ^_^ Only need Oddish and Budew kids to complete these sets now :)

Freebies which she did not need to send at all but I just can't be angry about it XD Oddish on the rocks is too adorable!

Next up, items from flag 

Bellossom bell keychain! Note the blu-tack as it obviously doesn't stand up of it's own accord lol! The noise it makes isn't annoying like a normal bell noise and I'm not sure why, but my dog seems to really like it too ^_^

Hoppip, Skiploom and Jumpluff zukan! I originally put this together the wrong way round, thank God for ^_^ One of my few fave evo lines!

I also got this gorgeous pan sticker but I opened the packages so fast I forgot which one it came from haha! But thank you to both of you anyway ^_^

Yay for notes! I don't know why I like them, I guess it just makes it that bit more personal or something *shrugs* and uber cute drawings do no harm either ^_^

And finally, something I forgot to take a picture of when it arrived, this amaaazing Bellossom, large Tomy version from tortoises 

Still in the bag, I can't bring myself to take her out! I did when I first got her so I could take a closer look but I want to protect her lol!

Here's a close up (or my attempt at one!) so you can see where her arms, head and flowers can move!)

If anyone I've bought from wants me to leave feedback please let me know as I've totally lost track of who I've left for and who I havent =]

Last but not least, a word of warning to people of the UK. I got my provisional licence today so I will be learning to drive (better late than never!) so take extra care when near the roads incase I'm driving anywhere near you lol!

Thanks for looking! :D

Tags: bellossom, cards, collection, gloom, grotle, hoppip, jumpluff, kids, oddish, roselia, scyther, skiploom, zukan
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