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New Stuff, Haitus?

Yay goodies! :D Jaime I think you sent me two Zapdos cards by mistake?

This is a mini Pikachu Pokedoll that came from Kiohl. It's so cute! n_n Thank you!

This is the Snorlax Kid from Jaime's group buy. He is from 1997! *_* I have already given him a scrubbing with Mr. Clean but once I get home for break I will paint in his nails as well. n_n Thank you!

Now for the bad news, my laptop screen was smashed the other day when a classmate knocked it off a table. Thankfully I have an accidental damage warranty, but I will still be without good access to a computer for maybe as much as two weeks. ;_; I'm sorry. D: I feel badly that I might not be able to get stuff done for the PPP. :(

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