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Collection Update and Question!

So I've bought a few things here and in stores so the collection has grown a bit.

Ah the collection in it's entirety! Some new additions here and there of course and.. POSTER finally found that sucker.

Closer shot of the collection itself.

My mew army! It grows!

And the rest of the gang, kinda an odd assortment of things.

Now about that question

I have these stickers that I've had for years, and I've never seen them around anywhere. I've been considering selling/trading them off but since I haven't seen them before I have no idea what their value would be, so to speak. They're from the original set, so they're pretty old. (and yes I have more than the ones posted I have maybe 15 I'll put up)

They're pretty big, bigger than an index card.

So yeah, any sort of advice on putting them up for sale would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: collection, mew, mewtwo
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