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Collection update!

Collection Update!

ALSO, scarsofsunlight and mamoswine -- the Pokemon Time plush came today!! >w< More details under the cut~


My main collection... it hasn't gotten much press lately. In any case, this is just the stuff I have here -- with these four new plush, my Bulbasaur plush total has risen to 17. The figures are from candycafe, a Bulbasaur Pokedex figure NIB and some Bulba freebies! :3!! The original kid, which I only have the clear of <3~, and two more tiny 'saurs that I don't have, either. Hooray!

In any case, left to right:

1) Legit **shiny!** vintage '97 (okay, so that's just the color Bulbasaur was then. but, it's also his shiny color, so he's shiny as far as I'm concerned) Bulbasaur plush from pheonixxfoxx. This is _awesome._

2) Mini Bulbasaur Pokedoll from the mini pokedoll auction I did a while back. Nobody bid, so... I kept it?

3) Sitting Bulbasaur Hasbro beanie from a group auction around here. (Who sent this to me? I forget. If you reply, I'll give you feedback...)

4) POKEMON TIME PLUSH KEYCHAIN courtesy of BrianJapan on eBay... askldjkasljdkasjdkajksakl!! yes!! I'm so stoked to have managed to pick this up. ;;

And, speaking of Pokemon Time,

mamoswine's Squirtle and scarsofsunlight's Charmander! Taken out of the bag only for this picture, now safely back in their plastic bag in the box they came in. I'll ship them out this coming week. <3

Some kids and my _first ever zukan_, Cacnea and Cacturne. <3 From the huge zukan auction arranged by kiraras_lemon. Kids include: Mismagius from randomflavor, Venonat, Tentacruel and Cyndaquil from happyjolteon and Onix, amazingly good quality bootleg Tangela and Carnivine (who I LOVE) from kefanii. >w<

Brand new collection!! Bats!!

Kids all from randomflavor, KFC Applause plush from eBay (for $4, whoo~!). On the way are the Burger King plush of Zubat and Golbat. Wishlist: Halloween Golbat... someday, sigh.

If anyone is, for some reason, interested in viewing my helter-skelter collection page, they may find it (updated!) here.
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