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Dragontastic gets

Hi guys! Today, I finally got a long awaited package from Japan. Wohoooo XD I had to do a trip to the customs office to pick it up... But the wait was well worth it! :D
I'd also like to share my new community gets, a grail I received and some items I found at a fleamarket.

Here's a preview:

This is what the big box contained: a Mega Rayqaua towel, a Salamence MPC plush, a shiny Mega Rayquaza charm and of course the two Mega Rayuqaza plushies!

Here is a bigger shot.

I know there have been various posts about the new Mega Rayquaza plushies... But I believe not both versions together? Anyway, they are so beautiful <3
Come on you two, say Cheese! It looks like the shiny one linkes to pose, while the green one prefers to stay in the background.

The shiny one was very interested in my camera.

"Hehe look what I found! Is that supposed to be me? What a nice little earring, it's so shimmery, just like me!"

Salamence: "Waaaait not fair, I want to be in the picture, too!"

He looked quite grumpy by then.

Don't worry Salamence, you'll be getting your attention! Why not show off that tiny belly of yours? Salamence: "Grrrrr..."

In the meantime... I discovered THIS! Can it be?! I got a little Rayquaza couple <3 It's a shame legendaries don't breed, though ^^

This has been a grail of mine, since it's pretty rare! :D A very big European Rayquaza figurefrom Bandai. The pain is a little off at some places, but it's in overall good condition. Only thing I don't like is that there was battery acid from the previous owner and now the poor guy can't say a word T-T

"Pfff who needs those plushies! I'm the king around here!"

Those are the things I got from the community: regular + pearly Rayquaza Tomy, metallic Kyogre, Salamence footprint figure and a Pika pencil. I won the Pikachu ponjan tile and the pokebox dragon sticker in one of jheilas giveaways :D Thank you again!

Did I already say I like to find stuff at fleamarkets? XD Well, this was the first one of the year and I was quite lucky.
Blastoise Play by Play plush, some candy and gashapon figures and cards.

I have no clue what these are. Does anybody know something about them?

That's all from me today. Happy collecting everyone!
Tags: giratina, pachirisu, rayquaza, salamence
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