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collectorviper: A personal TCG scans and news community

Hi guys, give me a moment or two to introduce my little collection community:

If you're interested in the TCG, be it collecting, battling, or simply love the card art, then you may be interested in collectorviper! It's my personal TCG community, dedicated to bringing you news from the Japanese TCG, and scans of my own personal collection in both japanese and english. So if the TCG is your thing, or you just like pretty pictures of your favorite pokemon, come on and join collectorviper! The personal card collection site for faiarrow with news and scans.

The main goal of my little community is to provide a easily accessible resource to card news and scans, mainly the japanese sets which have no solid, concise english resource (at least none that you don't have to jump through hoops for). Another notable thing about the community is that the scans are free-for-use for graphics, so long as if you're using the whole card the image watermark isn't destroyed, or that you provide a credit back to the community! It's that simple! All card watermarking is done with the least amount of intrusion, but is also hard to edit out so they're not for outright stealing. I used to do this kind of thing for myself personally as an account of what I have, but I have uploaded it all to share because it's more rewarding being able to share it with people!

But come along and join up! I don't bite :)

Posted with permission from denkimouse!
Tags: cards, collection
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