Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another SSS gets post!

Today, the doorbell rang and the post lady delivered me a nicely sized box, from.. Spain? But I didn't buy anything from Spain... wait, could this be...my SSS surprise?

The first thing I saw upon opening it was... a wonderful drawing of my FOUR FAVORITE POKEMON?? I felt my heart racing! This drawing is just breathtaking, look at them all!!!

Then I looked better and saw... a SECOND drawing?? OH MY LORD! Look at these two beautiful birds ;_;

I was already feeling completely satisfied from this exchange. Seriously, I would have been completely happy with just the drawings. But the box was too big for just two drawings. What else was inside..?

A little string bag from the Kokeshi promotion!! I just love this art style, but I hadn't been able to get everything from the promo when it first came out. So I'm SO SO HAPPY to have gotten this!

But it still wasn't everything in the box???
I saw a little plastic bag that said "open me last". I squinted at it but okay! I'll open you last! Let's read the letter that came with the package and... oh, there are sweet treats for me too!

The letter gives away who my partner was! Aka fellow fighting birds lover thedaftlynx! ...here in the picture you see that I had already opened the chocolate covered peanuts. I just couldn't help it and then I remembered I had to take a picture. Whoops! (and yes, they ARE delicious!!)

Together with the cute letter was a Spanish booster pack for Rising Fist! I'm collecting these in different languages so it's perfect!

But wait... there was a last present still, remember? Let's go check it...

Oh my god...??

Could it be???? A Shiny Hawlucha custom plush???? All for me??

Indeed it is!! The cutest, roundest, fattest shiny fighting bird you can imagine! I immediately nicknamed him Gabriel like one of my in-game shinies :D

Together with Gabriel, came a little QR code which I scanned wit my brother's phone (as I don't have a smartphone myself, haha), and where did it take me?


LOOK! Gabriel has visited the wonderful falla!! And he took a photo with one of my favorite rock types ever, Aerodactyl! I really appreciated this photo, as I wasn't able to see the falla in person but Gabriel has, and so a part of the falla will always be in my collection as well! I will add this photo to my Aerodactyl collection.

This was all! Thank you, thank you thedaftlynx! You went far and beyond with this wonderful gift, I've been a member of the community since 2007 but this was my first SSS, and I couldn't be happier with it! It really brightened up my day!!

Tags: aerodactyl, blaziken, hawlucha, manectric, sss, toxicroak
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