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Hi All!

Pathtags are in and pre-orders have been processed so now I bring you open sales for the rest of the tags!

These will be first come first serve, and once they are gone, thats it! (till next year!)

$5 per tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

$4 per 'C' tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

Please read:

I have 70 normal tags up for sale, and 19 tags that have more significant defects, I'm calling these 'C' tags.

The enamel for the tags are done by hand so all of them have a chance of having small defects, but I've picked though them one by one by hand to weed out any that I consider to have more sever defects - which I've dubbed 'C' tags

I have these for sale at $4 but purchase at your own discression, I will not feild any complaints about the look of these tags once recieved. They aren't crazy awful but some some have larger areas missing enamel or letters not filled in or mixed colors etc.

Unless you specify I will assum you are asking for a normal tag.

Payment info:

  • The $5/per tag price includes all fees and shipping services (+$0.50 international). ($4 for a 'C' tag)

  • Shipphing is from the US and will be sent in a normal envelope.

  • Maximum 3 tags per order.

  • I would prefer all payments be made via PayPal but if this is not avalible to you and you would still like to order a tag please feel free to ask.

  • Sales permission granted by Denkimouse (Jan 2011).

  • My feedback: Here!


  • These are streight sales.

  • I will take no holds.

  • Payment is due within 48 hours of my confirmation comment.

  • backing out will result in negtive feedback.

  • If you would like feedback from me please ask.

Comparison to 2012's tags.

What is a Pathtag?
A Pathtag is a small metal and enamel coin, used primarily for Geocaching; An activity where people hide small trinkets or “caches” and then post instructions or GPS coordinates to web sites so others can go and try and find them, basically treasure hunting. The idea is normally you can take one item from the cache, and in turn you leave something. These items can be basically anything, but a popular thing to do is have a custom “pathtag” made that you can leave, to indicate you where there! Each tag set comes with an unique ID number so at the Pathtag web page anyone who finds or receives one of these tags can log that they have it and where they are in the world.

In this case we are making a cool collectable to commemorate a year of Pokémon collecting!

You can find out more info at the Pathtag site: Here!

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