charelp (charelp) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Probably the most awesome Groudon gets ever so far for me

Yesterday and today were really special for me. I got 2 long, loooooong awaited Groudon parcels.

I commissioned a huge Groudon plush from LRK-Creations and omg it is stunning! He is a whopping 24 inch big.

More pictures under the cut! First picture has a kids figure for size comparison xD

The second parcel had a lot of Groudon figures. Some of them I wanted for a long time and I finally have them =D

Under the cut you can see pictures of all of them.

Megabloks Groudon is sooo cool =D

This old Groudon Bank was hard to find but it is absolutely worth it

The Masterball Keychain Groudon has a bell inside the Masterball. Really cute :3

Because I ordered a lot, the seller gave me this perler (and a Groudon Card) as a gift =O I didnt know about it until I saw it. Really nice from his part!

All in all these gets raised the bar now to a total of 9 Groudon plush and 49 figures I own.

The only plush that I am missing is the old Pokémon Center Groudon one.

My biggest grail want at the moment is the shiny Groudon kids figure.

Feel free to comment =D
Tags: custom, groudon
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