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Offers Reminder + SSS

Two part post. First off, a reminder that my offers will be ending tomorrow at 6:30 EST. It was brought to my attention I forgot to make a thread for the Lenticular Pencil Board. There is now one below all the comments. Click the picture to go to that post. I also have some dice that are still available.

Offers Preview

Secondly, I received my Spring Swap package a while ago. I was initially planning on adding it in with my second anniversary post in a few days so I wouldn't have three posts so close together but I completely forgot about the reminder post which gives me three posts anyway so I decided to post it here.

Jasmine appears to have a package for me. Address said it was from Hawaii. Hey, I know someone in Hawaii! I wonder if my guess will be right. x)

Now that I'm in a place with much better lighting I can get decent pictures. I'm not much of a box opening person so let's go through the individual items. ~

First up is this Lucario kid. This is actually my first duplicate kid figure. I think now might be a good time to try and attempt to repaint myself a shiny since I have an extra. I've never painted anything before so if anyone has any advice I'll gladly take it.

The Mega Mawile charm! YES! I absolutely love Mega Mawile so much. <3 Anyway! I was SO happy to see this! I could not find a decent price on this and I don't know why. HUGE thanks for getting me this. :D

Some candy and a piece of gum. Awesome! I finally get a small taste of Japanese candy. And now that I have taken a picture I can finally eat these. xP I don't know why I waited so long to take pictures. I've been wanting to eat them for a minute. I want to save that purple Lucario wrapper but knowing me it'll end up ripped. x_x

Lucario stationary. That's so funny because I was looking for stationary to send out with my SSS and couldn't find any lol. This is very appreciated! I can scan these and make more copies if I need to! :D
My camera did not want to take a decent picture of these. It makes the color look kind of washed out.

Mah flats. My first Noibat TCG, how exiting! Although I think he only has one card? Very pretty Noivern card. It has Boomburst! I have a competitive Noivern with that attack. One of my favorite moves. x3
And I believe those are Trozei (or Shuffle?) Noibat and Mawile stickers. Very happy to have those. I don't collect Mawile but I did want that sticker. They also weren't on my wishlist even though they should have been cause I definitely wanted them. How did you know? xD

A suuuuuuuuuper sparkly Mega Lucario TCG coin. I tried to show some of the different colors it can be. I know nothing of TCG. I'm guessing it's from Furious Fists?

And lastly inside the Pikachu bag is a Petit Lucario plush! A little surprised to see this because it wasn't on my wishlist or anything. I had been putting off buying it but that's no longer a problem. ^^ He's all cute and tiny. <3 The ball chain works so much better for these plushies as far as looks. I really want to attach him to my backpack but I'm afraid he'll fall off and I won't notice. :(

So earlier I mentioned I had a guess of who my swapper is.
(Lucario loves me!) Turns out is is pkmnexcavation! I was correct! Thanks so much, I love the gifts. ^-^
And if anyone is curious I do wear jewelry. ~
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