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Intro + collection + wants (MPC slurpuff, pressed coins)

Hi everyone, just want to introduce myself to the community!
Pokemon has been a part of my childhood and I was super into gen 1+3 but didn't get the chance to dabble in the later gens..
Now that I have income (yay!) and a boyfriend to help with cards(double yay!)(all the cards he got for me lol) I've been getting back into XY/ORAS and collecting merch! I'm quite new to livejournal in general so I hope my post posts correctly.

My collection I will post under the cut but I am actually (desperately) looking for MPC Slurpuff. I've been haunting animeraro since I got the news that they will be coming out and am having trouble finding it - Please PM me if you have one for me!

I am also looking to get a few pressed coins lumped with the slurpuff to save on shipping so if you have any please let me know!

I like wailord and my collection is under the cut.. but this guy.. my mom questioned me when I got him..

This is my plush corner shelf.. I have swirlix, wailmer, stunfisk, and derp kyogre just hanging out. pumpkaboo is hiding in the back.. sorry poor lighting, it was in the day

On the other side it's a little empty at the moment.. I used to have this eeveelution tcg box just displayed but I recently took the cards out as you'll see below.. The little eeveelutions set is my favorite though I have no idea what line its from or its details.
The sylveon and xerneas was a part of the tcg box.

*-* here is my wailord page..I think that's all of them that were in print.

wailmer *-* I don't know what to put in the empty slots to fill out my page.. my favorite is the last one!

beeb also got me the full radiant collection.. I like shiny cards

I have a dittochu to fill out the space but might move it. You can also see the eeveelution set that was in a box

annnd here are all the ones I have to sort through. It's a small collection atm. I don't think I can afford all the eeveelution cards and might just focus on a sylveon/leafeon page. I also have FA xerneas and this suicune that I have to figure out how to arrange.

ty for reading and if you have MPC slurpuff let me know!!!
Tags: eeveelutions, slurpuff, tcg, wailmer, wailord
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