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Spring Secret Swap & Other Items


So I received my Spring Secret Swap gift on Thursday, along with something else that I got for myself :P Here's my second attempt at making a photo story, which really is nothing great. Hope you guys still enjoy it though.

Sunny: Waddup! The name's Sunny. I was named after the Japanese name for my kind - Sunnygo (サニーゴ). Yeah, Chain isn't as imaginative as I had hoped. But today, he has asked me to take you through his most recent gets, including one that he got from this ASS event...?
Chain: For the third time, it's SSS!
Sunny: You giving me the attitude again boy?!
Chain: O.O .. No, sorry ma'am.
Sunny: Yeah, that's right. I'm the rare Japanese 2002 model! So respect me!

Sunny: Oooohh... What do we have here? This guy is cute! Is he saying he loves me?! :O
Chain (mumbling): Maybe in that rock-type brain of yours.
Sunny: What was that?!
Chain: Nothing!
Sunny: Well, he sure is cute! If only he was real. Anyway, let's get this box open already!

Sunny: How the heck does anybody fit in here?! It's so small!
Chain: Maybe it's time you join Weight Watchers.
Sunny: I think I can see why this gift thing is called ASS... because the receiver is an ASS! ... Ooh, I got a card here! Grab it while I tip this box over.

Chain: :O!!!!!! That is some of the best drawing I have ever seen!
Sunny (still in the box): By your standards, it must be amazing.
Chain: You're one to talk! The other day you drew a tiger that looked like a mouse!
Sunny: It's a drawing meant to deceive the eyes! Just like magic!

Chain: OMG!!! My SSS gifter is none other than the lovely vulpes_canis!!! No wonder the drawings are so amazing! And a Cyndaquil in a hoodie? That's cute!
Sunny: A vulpo- what now?! What're you talking about?
Chain: I'll tell you later. How's it going over there?

Sunny: Well it's pretty dark. I wonder if there's a black hole in this that can get me away from you.
Chain: You know if you go, you won't get any of those cookies you love so much.
Sunny: One day I'll get that recipe from your mum. Then you can't stop me!
Chain: You'll miss me too much. Anyway, what's in there?
Sunny: Hold your horses! I'm getting it out!

???: Why, hallo thar!
Sunny: Eek! What the heck are you?!
???: I am a gift for... I don't know who actually. My name is... I don't know that either.
Sunny: ... Chain, he's all yours.
Chain: Yeah... Ok, what should we call you? ... ... ... How about Squil?
Sunny & Squil: What?!
Chain: Shiny Cyndaquil? Squil?
Squil: Ok, I think that sounds decent.
Sunny: Ok, if we go out in public, remember that I do not know either of you.

Squil: Look at me! How often do you see a fiery echidna/shrew in a hoodie?
Sunny: I'm already regretting opening you up.

Squil: How about a picture of the back of this beautiful hoodie? Fits with my fiery back pretty well, me thinks.

Squil: Oh yes! I was told to also give you these things as part of the gift. I hope you like them.

Squil: Ta-da!

Sunny: Wait, wait, WHAT?! O.O Are all those for me?!
Squil: Well, I-
Sunny: Oh you shouldn't have! But since you have, I'll take 'em!
Chain: We will share them later. I myself have never had Reese's before but I have heard that it is really good chocolate. So I'm curious to try them.
Sunny: I call dibs on the bigger pieces then!
Sunny: Hey! What are you doing.
Squil: You seem fun to ride on so I'm getting on top of you.

Squil: Ta-da!
Sunny: I did not agree to this!
Chain: This photo is going viral!
Sunny: I hate the both of you! And can we start opening the next package now?!

Sunny: Wow that's big!
Squil: What is it? I wanna see!
Sunny: Go play somewhere else!
Squil: Ok...

???: ZZzzz... ZZzzz... ZZzzz....

???: Hmmm...?????
Sunny: Oh, a.. hello! How're you doing? Did you enjoy your nap?
???: ...
Sunny: Ok... Not much of a talker huh? Well, it's nice meeting you. I'm Sunny!
???: Sunny...!!!
Sunny: Yes...?
???: Sunny... small... pink...
Sunny: Yeah, thanks for summing up my pain buddy. What do you wanna call this one Chain?
Chain: I dunno. He seems to be taking quite a liking to you though. You wanna name him something?
Sunny: How about giant fat green-zilla?
Chain: You're being mean again.
Sunny: Yeah, luckily he's in his plastic.
Chain: Erm.. Sunny...

Sunny: ... Uh oh...

Sunny: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Green-zilla: Sunny... gift... wait...
Sunny: Wait, what? Another gift? What is it?

Sunny: Chain do you mind?

Chain: Here you go! It's a Mega Tokyo tumbler from the Pokemon Center!
Sunny & Greenzilla: Ooooohhhh... shiny....
Chain: Not really, but that would be awesome if it was.

Again, thank you so much to vulpes_canis and her fine skills with a needle. You can rest easy knowing that Squil is now a part of the collection family and will be treated as such.
So with that, my photo story comes to a close! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Here's what Sunny and Squil are up to now...

Squil: So she wants all the chocolate for herself.
Sunny: What can I say? I have a sweettooth.
Lil' Quil: Yeah, she's not really the sharing type.
Big Quil: Especially during the Winter season.

This is what I have to wake up to every morning... *sigh...*

Thanks for reading. Holidays will be coming up in a few weeks so I'm hoping to pick up where I left off with my collection update around then. So look forward to it!

- Chain.
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