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Hallos! :3 - New & Looking for Charms!

Hellos there. Thanks so much for approving me! <3 I'm new. I go by Kozi usually. I live in SE Wisconsin. I'm a full time college student and I run several sugar glider groups and websites, so I am usually buried in one form of work or another. I want to get a small photo of the few pokemon items I have so far(sooo few, I collected some 15-20 years ago and lost far too much) but it will have to wait till s'more homework is done, so please be patient. <3
(BTW, Sugar Gliders are most of what I do, so if you have any questions about that I am happy to chat. :3)
Otherwise, I love Pokemon and have since I was a wee kid. My favorite pokemon are Vaporeon, Pichu, Togekiss, Pikachu, and last but not least Mew. (I really do like all the Eeveelutions though.. xD)

In the meanwhile I am looking for some Poke Box charms!
I am mainly looking for the older charms, or a Flareon, Leafeon and Umbreon from the current set.
But the lollipop and food ones are particularly awesome to me. (Minus the Candy Eevee.)

I'd really love a couple of kid figures too.. Togekiss, Mew or Vaporeon mainly. They are just so darn cute. x3
I love the pokedoll figures too, just recently ordered a Vaporeon! I wonder, is there a mew one?

I can pay via PayPal if anyone has anything I'm looking for. Please message me or e-mail kozxai (at) gmail (dot) com.

I started a wish list of sorts but it is mostly dream items, stuff I can't afford for quite a while. xD;

(Here is a photo of a suggie since I need to take photos of my collection.. xD)
Tags: charms, eevee, eeveelutions, vaporeon
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