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Figure Identification?

My usual browsing through buyee lead me to some neat figures! Two to be exact, but two that I don't have!

As you can see, I'm trying to step my game up on the Gardevoir line! I'm also on the look out for the ralts pokedex figure too!

Small post today, I'll try to accumulate my recent gets into one big post soon!


Or now, hehe

First off is the Tomy Board game I asked about a while back!

Lots of megas *v*

I was so worried it wouldn't have my gardevoir when it wasn't on the front packaging

Tabs! These are pretty neat, and I think all XY pokemon have one!

Obligatory sylveon

This is the underside of the actual board, which was boring
But this is a pretty nice poster size! I'm definitely keeping this

My children~

Gets from kitzune! Ah, finally I have that super soft blankie!

And THIS! Such cute art!!

Some gardevoir gets~

And adorable custom dedes! I just love them so much~!

Yay! I can't wait to get more Xerneas and Yveltal!

Like these!

And cards *o* I forgot I had ordered these ^^;

Some of my good pulls and cards :D

And then I got dice! So many dice...

Some gets from Amazon!

A loooong awaited get from ebay!

And some gets from absol! Thank you so much!!
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