laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets post and another Metal question

Hey everyone! So my first box of Y!J orders arrived today and I wanted to share some pics! The light red psyduck, copper sandslash, and green clefable actually came from swampeh here on LJ :)

I also have another question for other Metal collectors.. i know there are 2 different shades of blue.. but are there two shades of green? one set of metals i got, the green ones are paler green than usual, but the orange ones in that lot were really faded as well so if the difference in color just from fading? maybe displayed in too much sunlight? The last picture on here is of my 2 green snorlax's and you can see the one on the left is paler

So my new babies include Green Sandshrew, REALLY faded Orange Sandshrew(so faded it looks almost gold on top), Green Golem, Blue Arbok, Green Arbok, Gold Psyduck, Orange Porygon, Copper Butterfree, Copper Togepi, Copper Nidorino(so excited! he even has his box!), Blue Gengar, Green Gengar, ORANGE Gengar(again, SO excited!), Green Aerodactyl, Gold Mew.. and the 2 im the MOST excited about. Pink and Blue Mews!! I've already dubbed them as my normal Mew and my shiny Mew

Tags: metal figures, mew, pokemon
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