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My first Y!J Gets! *o*

Hello there everyone!

Recently I got a package with my first Y!J gets! I'm really excited though I spent a looot money ;_;

But I'm super happy with the things I got! Here's a little preview, you'll find the rest in cuts!
Remember you can click on photos to enlarge them ^-^

There're mostly flats so let's start with figures and plushie (which I got from eBay but forgot to post it last time ^^)

These are super, super cute! I wanted Pikachu only but I think I'll keep all three, lol...

These little guys still wait to be opened :D Soon...

Let's move to TCG! I got two of my biggest Pika wants! (a lot of pics here!)

First off - lot of four Mega Tokyo Pikachus and Pikachu's tretta

Pokemon-Pan promo set

These two are the best!

Lot of 6 Pokepark sealed promos, I bought this lot for Pikachu of course :D (Darkrai is not Pokepark promo I guess)

Partyyyyy! [1]

Paaaaarty! [2]

This one is the ANA promo folder with Pikachu and Dragonite promo cards

Small lot of McD japanese promo cards, I needed only few of them but couldn't find them anywhere.

AND FINALLY! Ladies and Gentlemen!  Gold star Pikachu and JRally Pikachu promo!

They're both in GREAT condition (I think somewhere between 9 and 10, near mint/mint)

And finally - my flats gets, mostly stickers (oh my... I bought a lot of stickers......)

I've got three sticker's albums (I bought them as a lot)

Already put my battle trozei stickers inside ^-^

I bought set of 10 stickers from one seller and he sent me... almost 40 of them!

These ones are interesting: they seem to has two layers (?)

and lonesome soccer Pikachu! (it was a bonus as well)

These are some promo flats, probably from Victini Movie?

Aaaaand... STICKERS!

Uff, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
Thanks for looking, and as always - if you have any questions feel free to ask! ^-^
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