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March Art Commissions reminder + new gets :D

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that I'm doing some art commissions this month so if someone is interested, just let me know :D You can click here or on the picture to check the post
And some cute gets I got these days. First of all, thanks jen81489 for doing the Rare Pokemon Time Straps GA! I got Charmander this week and I can't love him more *^* When I met him, some years ago, I thought it was kinda strange but every day I love more and more the design <3 I hope I'll get the PokeTime plushie one day...
The Pokemon Time straps I have by now: Mareep, Ampharos, Drifloon, 2xPolitoed (<3), Charizard, Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Poliwag and I'm going to get a Dragonite soon. I'm still missing a few I want but I have most of them ^^ HERACROSS, WHY DO YOU HATE US
And a photo with the mirror <3 So cute Look that mad Jigglypuff with the starters XDDD

The paki paki Houndour figure with the Houndoom V-Trainer. I'm not sure of them but I think they are the same kind of figure? Houndour is japanese and Houndoom american. My boyfriend kept the japanese paki paki Heracross too that he's more fatty than the american one.

And finally the Fennekin plushies I have on my collection! I didn't want to buy all of them since there are too many but I couldn't resist some of them. They are so soft and cute! I still need the snowman Fennekin and I don't think I'd need more of them by now (who knows...)
And that's all :D As usual I still have stuff on my sales post and I'm searching for the guys on the photo and more of them on my want post. Thank you guys ^^
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