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Y!Japan Photo/Bro/Story Gets!

The "big" package from Y!Japan arrived this morning! For your entertainment and amusement, I decided to make this gets post a photostory: A Tale of Two Bros.

Now what could be in this box?

There was a red package. There was a white package. (Let's open the red one first.)

It's the first Pokemon Center Lugia plush! Soul Silver Lugia! He's a lively sort of fellow by the looks of it.

Aww, look it's new PC Lugia (aka Bro Lugia) here to welcome him with open arms (literally). Now I wonder what's in the other package..

It's the new Banpresto Korotto Manmaru plushes! I wanted the Growlithe initially, but I can't stand how adorable the others are. Meowth isn't too excited though. (Wait until he sees the rest of my collection.)

What's this? It looks like Bro Lugia wants to personally welcome them to their new home. Isn't someone missing though?

Initation ceremony: Bro hug. I wouldn't get too attached, Bro Lugia. Growlithe is the only one I'm definitely planning on keeping. Some people in the comm will love the others much better than I can. :(

Meowth's right about that. And I think SS Lugia has abandonment issues..

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the weirdness!

Tags: gets, growlithe, herdier, lugia, meowth, wobbuffet
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