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Massive Kids Sales Post! :D (Over 300 kids...and some Zukan too!)

After hours of sorting and photographing, our big kids sale is finally ready!~ There are around 350 kids for sale, including some clears and rarities ^-^ (oh, and a few spooky zukan too!). Please note that there are around 70 images behind the cut!

Now - onto the sales!~

~Sales Terms~
* Payment is by Paypal only
* The kids are sold as seen, and range in condition, from pristine to loved, and most marks/paint chips can be seen in the photos. They have been priced to reflect condition (so if there is the same kid for two different prices, the expensive one will be in better condition)
* If you have a question about the condition of a specific kid, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you with more information as soon as I can ^-^
* Some of the kids have been held for people who have shown interest beforehand - if you're one of those people, please let me know if you'd like them or not, so tat I can offer them to someone else if you dont ^-^
* I do accept trades, but I'm only looking for specific items at the moment (feel free to enquire ^-^)
* PLEASE PLEASE be sure to say what you're buying and your LJ name in your paypal payment ^^

~Shipping Information~
Within the UK: Shipping is $2.00 for up to 6 kids
Within Europe:
Shipping is $3.00 for up to 6 kids
US/Canada/Australia/Asia/Everywhere else:
Shipping is $3.00 for 1-2 kids, and $4 for 3-6 kids
Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions about shipping :D
* Items are usually shipped within a week (usually a few days!)

Now onto the goodies!~

$4 each: Clear Magcargo, Clear Cubone, Clear Butterfree, Clear Mewtwo (on hold for ann_choui), Clear Snubble

$4 each: Clear Dustox, Clear Smoochum, Clear Weepinbell, Clear Kanghaskhan, Clear Huntail

$3 each: Clear Wartortle
$4 each: Clear Golduck, Clear Slowbro
$5 each: Clear Porygon
$6 each: Clear Vaporeon

$5 each: Articuno (x2), Zapdos, Moltres (x2)

$5 each: Singing Meowth, Aura Sphere Lucario,
$4 each: Regirock, Mewtwo, Mew (on hold for eiei_o_kumori)

$4 each: Meganium (x2), Typhlosion,
$5 each: Gyarados (on hold for zachary_sparkle)

$5 each: Ninetales (x1 - 1 on hold for icy_bouquet), Espeon
$4 each: Dragonite (x2) (one on hold for icy_bouquet)

$5 each: Charizard (looking to the side)
$4 each: Charizard (x2), Blaziken, Arcanine (on hold for icy_bouquet)

$4 each: Feraligatr (x1), Magikarp (x1 - 1 on hold for icy_bouquet)

$4 each: Dragonair, Lunatone, Ho-oh, Solrock, Kingdra

$4 each: Tyranitar (x2), Murkrow, Misdreavous

$4 each: Granbull, Starmie, Scizor, Togetic (on hold for lonepichu)

$4 each: Grovyle, Amphoros, Jynx, Mightyena

$3 each: Pichu, Lying Down Pikachu, Plusle

$3 each: Mareep, Magneton, Electabuzz

$3 each: Sneasel (x2), Houndour (x1), Houndoom

$3 each: Metapod, Ledian, Nidoking, Nidorino, Ledyba

$3 each: Makuhita, Wrestling Belt Primeape

$3 each: Zubat (on hold for zachary_sparkle), Flygon, Alteria

$3 each: Skarmory (x1 - 1 gone). Gligar, Swellow

$3 each: Onix (x2), Dugtrio (x2), Diglett

$3 each: Sandshrew, Larvitar (x2)

$3 each: Sudowoodo, Donphan, Piloswine

$3 each: Slugma (x1), Sitting Vulpix, Lying Vulpix

$3 each: Charmander, Quilava, Combusken, Torkoal

$2.50 each: Absol (x2)
$3 each: Zangoose (x1 - 1 gone)

$3 each: Snubble (x2), Vigoroth, Togepi, Lickitung

$3 each: Bellossum (x1), Bulbasuar, Ivysuar, Bayleef

$3 each: Roselia, Burmy, Weepinbell, Exeggutor

$3 each: Celebi (x1 - 1 gone), Oddish, Vileplume

$3 each: Porygon (x2), Porygon2 (x1)

$3 each: Abra (x1). Kadabra, Alakazam

$3: Wobbuffet (x2), Arms crossed Deoxys, Waving Deoxys

$3 each: Hypno, Claydol

$2.50 each: Unown (x2)

$3 each: Squirtle (x2), Attacking Blastoise, Standing Blastoise

$3 each: Totodile (x1), Croconaw, Mudkip

$3 each: Azurill, Azumarill, Manaphy, Wooper (x2)

$3 each: Horsea, Seadra, Poliwag, Politoad

$2.50 each: Octillary (x1, 1 on hold - robocoon), Sharpedo, Relicanth

$3 each: Vaporeon (on hold for nofuturenohope), Lapras, Cloyster
$2.50 each: Huntail, Qwilfish

$2 each: Voltorb, Pichu, Raichu, Flaafy
$1.50 each: Pikachu

$2 each: Primeape, Tyrogue, Machop (x4)

$2 each: Nidoran (x3), Koffing, Nidorina (x1)

$2: Porygon, Deoxys (x3 - please specifiy whihc one you'd like - left, centre or right ^-^)

$2 each: Mr. Mime (x2), Drowzee, Medicham, Slowking

$2 each: Delibird, Taillow, Natu, Xatu

$2 each: Yanma , Golbat (held for zachary_sparkle), Crobat (x2), Gligar (x2)

$2 each: Fearow, Noctowl, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Farfetch'd (x2)

$2 each: Torchic, Slash Charmeleon, Standing Charmeleon (x2)

$2 each: Growlithe, Ponyta, Vulpix , Magmar

$2 each: Ho-oh (x2 - one on hold for lonepichu), Entei (x2)

$2 each: Sentret, Furret, Stantler, Smeargle

$2 each: Ursaring (x2), Snorlax (x2), Togepi

$2 each: Miltank (x1, 1 gone), Tauros, Vigoroth

$1.50 each: Clefairy (x2)
$2 each: Loudred

$2 each: Geodude, Forettress, Rhydon, Steelix, Graveller

$2 each: Mamoswine, Diglett, Marowak (on hold - robocoon), Swinub

$2 each: Slaking, Shiftry, Sudowoodo, Sandshrew, Cubone (on hold - robocoon)

$2 each: Dewgong, Quagisre (x2), Wooper, Seel

$2 each: Pelliper, Relicanth. Mantine
$1.50 each: Swampert, Wartortle

$1.50 each: Omanyte (x2)
$2 each: Slowbro, Corsola (on hold - robocoon), Seaking

$2 each: Crawdaunt, Remoraid, Krabby, Shellder, Octillary, Golduck

$2 each: Tentacool, Corphish, Feebas, Suicune (on hold for icy_bouquet), Chinchou, Quilfish

$2 each: Spinerak, Cascoon, Vibrava, Seedot, Venonat

$1.50 each: Ariados, Pupitar (x2)

$2 each: Caterpie, Metapod
$1.50 each: Ledian (x1 - 2 gone)

$2 each: Shroomish, Weepinbell, Victreebell (x1 - 1 sold), Sunflora

$2 each: Sunkern, Exeggcute, Pineco, Heracross
$1.50 each: Pupitar

$2 each: Exeggutor, Parasect, Wurmple, Nuzleaf, Hoppip, Vileplume

$2 each: Dratini, Houndoom

Choose 1 free with every order! (or $1 each :D)

Taken!:  Growlithe, Natu, Suicune. Smoochum, Scyther (x2), Phanphy, Seadra, Chansey, Dunsparce, Dragonair, Raichu, Chikorita x2, Kecleon, Magmar, Magby, Raikou x2, Kabutops, Taillow (on hold), Jirachi, Venusaur,Lanturn, Fearow

Still Available: Blaziken (x3), Magmar (x2), Walrein, Shuckle, Boardless Pika (x2),, Golem, Machamp (x2), Dodrio, Raticate, Grimer, Slaking, Wurmple

... and, because its halloween - some ghost type Zukan (and friends ) for sale!~ ^-^

Sealed Gastly/Haunter Zukan: $10
Sealed Hauter/Gengar Zukan: $10
Sealed Magby/Magmar Zukan: $6
Lickitung Zukan: $3
Tangela Zukan: $3

Happy Halloween Everyone!~
Tags: kids, sales, zukan
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