Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

Sales update and Tomy Riolu Auction

Hi guys I have updated my sales. I have added some new items and lowered a few prices.

I need a fancy banner for it... Oh well.

My sales are here or click the pic!

two_worlds_combine_by_lugidog-d5zx98j (1)

I have decided to part with my riolu tomy plush.I have no room for him anymore. I don't know how to price him, so i will put him up for auction. . The auction starts at $15 for him. He does have his tag but it has been removed.

Auction ends on Saturday 4th April at 10pm BST

EDIT: I forgot to put the clock- whoops!


first up rules: Pokemon collectors.
Terms and conditions
I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 By dakajojo
I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters
All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.
I ship from the UK
I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

My feedback is here

Royal Mail postage charges for 2015

Small parcel is $5

Medium parcel is $7
Tags: riolu, sales
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