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New Gets and My Two-Year PKMNCollectors Anniversary! *picture heavy*

I've been getting a lot of stuff since my last post. I was going to post sooner, but it seemed like stuff kept trickling in. On top of that, I knew that my anniversary on here was coming up, so I wanted to focus on my collection site.

Because I got the Mega Charizard X for Christmas, I decided to get Y to go with him~

This guy was supposed to be a birthday present for me, but because of when he came out, he didn't come in until a little bit after. He's the Lucario Sleeping Ippai figure and he's absolutely beautiful! I was really surprised at how tall he is (almost as tall as a standard TOMY, even though he's sitting down and leaned over). He's super cute and I'm so glad my dad got him for me.

These are late birthday gifts from my girlfriend (it took a while for them to all come in the mail). The one I was most excited about was the Noibat Kid~ >w< She knows me so well~


These were all late birthday gifts from my girlfriend's mom~ She thought Tyrunt was cute... so she bought me a bunch of them! (not that I'm complaining) XD I was surprised when I got the plush though, it's not soft at all. The fabric is actually kinda rough. :/

Yay for another package from splash! I wanted to get the Suicune from them, but I needed to find something to fill their $15 minimum. That's when I saw the adorable Vaporeon keychain and new I had to have it~ >w< Splash was even nice enough to send some yummy chocolate~

When stephysanrio updated their sales post with a Mightyena TOMY, I had to jump on the chance to get this beauty! It's even in super good shape. Stephysanrio was nice enough to send me a nice Lucario card with my TOMY~

Say hello to my second PLAMO~ I really love this guy, though I am dissapointed in the way that the eye stickers are (they aren't cut quite big enough). This was even easier than my Charizard Y PLAMO (then again, there were a lot fewer stickers).

I got this package from aarux. They had this wonderful Noivern custom for sale (at a reasonable price too!), so I had to snap it up. They had some other Noivern merch on their sales, so I went ahead and grabbed those too~ They were doing this really cool thing where you spend X amount or more, they'd do a free sketch, which was super cool~

The custom sculpture is super cute and well made~ It seems like all the colors other than the white contain sparkles. As you can see, aarux really didn't want to risk the little guy getting hurt in the mail (see picture of the bubble wrap wad that contained my Noivern XD). I can't blame them though, as his tail broke in the mail when they bought him. :/ I remember the two of us rejoicing together when he arrived safe and sound at my house!

I had some money, so I HAD to pick this set up when I saw that it was out! I was kinda surprised at how soft and rubbery the Magikarp and Gyarados are. I'm wondering if this is the wal all TOMYs will be in the future, or if it's just for these special sets.

A huge thank you to suzanneespeon who had a Lucario TOMY that had its stand! I'm so glad that I finally got one that had a stand~

This was probably one of the coolest comm purchases that I've ever recieved. When the envelope arrived, I was super stoked, especially since it came in yesterday (aka the day before my anniversary)! These are the 2015 pathtags~ They're so cute and awesome! I bought three, one for my girlfriend (if she ever joins the comm XD), one for my keyring and one to put with my collection~

I was thinking about something that I could do that was special and I decided that we should have a little trip down memory lane, aka, what my collection looked like when I joined the comm and what it looks like now!

You can also see some old displays here (the pictures are a little bit after I joined): http://bluemidnight24.livejournal.com/943.html

Last, but not least, I have every single Pokemon item I own logged on my website! I have been working since February to get all of my stuff photographed and posted! Since I finished it, I'm now working on my anime/games website. You can find the link on my Poke site.
Here's the link: http://bluesden.weebly.com/

Looking back at the old pictures made me realize how far I've come in such a short time and so much of that growth is thanks to the community. I'm super grateful to everyone that has given me advice, told me where to find something and every awesome comm seller that I have bought from! Thank you everyone and maybe I'll actually remember my anniversary again next year.

Ps: Leave it to me to get this post done a minute before midnight of the 29th! XD
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