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Omega Tsuki

Overdue Gets Post~

So at the end of January I said I'd be posting some interesting items-- then never actually got around to it. Whoops.

But the other day, I took some shots of my full collection, and a couple of the new things made it in! So let's take a look. :>

Let's start with the newest one-- this little orange pouch:

:'D It was one of those impulse buys with not enough to share the shipping cost, so I remember not really being sure whether to laugh or cry when it and a pen came to roughly $60 shipped. But. Hey, at least now I have it.

Then while it's nowhere near as new, this movie 8 clear folder's just recently been added to the other end of the same shelf:

I've really been wanting a way to split the shelf my figures are on, whether it be a plastic box on its side, or a cake pedestal, or whatever. But no matter where I searched, I just couldn't find anything.

So when this thing surfaced, I had to do whatever it took to win it:

Of course, there was no mention of the measurements on the box or the listing, so I wasn't completely sure what I was buying at the time.
But it turned out to be perfect:

So I've been able to almost fully rearrange the main shelf of this collection~!

That's it for my Mime Jrs, but since I was down there anyway, I took some pictures of the other side of the room as well.

I've finally found space for my side collections of N and Calem:

... By setting up a new bookshelf!

... :'D It's silly how quickly it filled up.

Anyway! Thanks for reading, if you did~

As usual, I'm still always on the lookout for any Mime Jr items I might be missing. So if you think you've got something rare, there's always a chance I'll be willing to throw a good amount of money at you!
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