Laleigh Alexandrea (jirachi_wish90) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laleigh Alexandrea

Wants post

I know I just posted the wants for me the other day but my boyfriend is in need of some and I really want to get an idea of what's out there since our anniversary is April 22nd.
His wants are:
#1 importance: play by play wartortle (if he's got stains rips no tags I honestly don't care! I can patch him up)
Any play by play squirtles (fuzzys preferred as he has a 6 and 8 inch non fuzzy) or blastoise (any)
Any other squirtle line plush
Any chimchar line plush
Donphan plush (or phanpy)
Cyndaquil line plush

If u can make any of these happen for me let me know price and shipping to 37138 :)
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