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Intro and My Latios Collection!

Hello all! my name is Arismon or you can call me Arisa! I am 20 and a student. i just wrote out this whole post and deleted it so i am saaaad.. :(. I am an artist and a collector. My favorite pokemon are Latios, Serperior, Milotic. My latios is named Latte so i will often just refer to latte instead of latios. just lettin ya kno so you dont get confused. I have been collecting pokemon since i was a little kid. I grew up with pokemon and i have played through every game so far :)

I am sooooooo excited to FINALLY join this community to see all the awesome pokemon merch and also expand my own collections

I have many collections but i thought i should start off with my latios (with a lil bit of latias) collection since it is my favorite.

(Latte is excited to meet you all)

I need to find a better way to deplay my stuff but....
2015-03-24 11.53.59.jpg
some custom felt plushies
no title
no title
no title
lati@s Kids!
no title
My newest addition! hes so cute!
2015-03-23 14.21.46.jpg
Custom chibi lati@s amigurumi
2015-03-23 14.21.03.jpg
My TCGs....

Question! my latios EX card is in a thick sleeve thats super sturdy. does anyone know the brand and/or where i can buy these?
no title

And last but not least. my TREASURE. You may have seen him on Reddit. This latios was made by a friend of mine. He is huge and is 100% amigurumi so everything, even the eyes is amigurumi, not sewed on later :). He has wires in his wings, arms, and ears so they are stiff and a bit posable he was made by a friend of mine, who also made the amigurumi chibis above. Hopefully she will be able to make me more amigurumi in the future!
And for size reference....
2015-03-24 11.54.56.jpg

My latios collection is growing still but this is all I have for now!

That all for now! nice to meet you all! I have many collections i will post them at a later time. hope you enjoyed my latios collection....!

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